About Me

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I am a local boy from the Great State of Alabama. Born and Raised! I grew up less than 7 miles, as the crow flies, from where my home is currently. When I tell people that, sometimes they assume I am just another Alabama hillbilly bumpkin who lives on the family farm. Well, most of that is right! Except that God has been Great to my family.

I grew up an avid hunter and fisher of many species! I was fortunate enough that I traveled all over this great country and experienced what it has to offer, from deep sea fishing off the coast of Florida to big game hunting in Wyoming. But fishing has always been my first outdoor love.

I grew up in Harvest, Alabama where I had a fairly standard childhood. I played all the sports. Despite ALWAYS being smaller than everyone else, I was a competitor and gave it my all.

I attended Sparkman High School in Harvest Alabama and graduated (not at the top) in 2001, where I played Football, Soccer, and I wrestled.

After High School, I attended UAHuntsville and graduated in 2008 (yes, that's 7 years) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

In that 7 year span, I had a very diverse life. I nearly flunked out of College on many an occasion, even thought about quitting because I was convinced I wasn't smart enough. I managed to land a great Co-Op job that lasted for 3 years until it was apparent that it was keeping me from concentrating on school. So I quit about the time I married my high school Sweet Heart Alyse.
Shortly thereafter, we had our first child, Aubree. Aubree is as diverse a child as you will ever find. She loves fishing and Auburn Football.

I managed to pay the bills while attending school by working in the UAHuntsville machine shop and also moonlighting as a server at the local Cracker Barrel. Though my wonderful wife gets most of the credit here, as she held down a full time job.

But, I finally did graduate and I said I would never go back. Mostly because, up to the day I graduated. I wasn't even sure I would graduate. Heck, when I walked across the stage, the piece of paper said "This is NOT YOUR DEGREE! Don't Panic!" But graduation meant finding a job. Jobs are hard to find for a middle-of-the-road student. Luckily, I was just what NASA was looking for: a well rounded, not too-great-at-anything but ok-at-alot engineer. Sometimes I wonder if they got the right guy, really.

But I took the job, as it was the only offer I got. Being that it was at Marshall Space Flight Center...just 15 minutes away, there was no life changing moves needed.

I went to work in the Damage Tolerance Assessment and Non-Destructive Evaluation Group. Boy, that's a mouth full, eh!

You know how you get X-rays for a variety of things? Sometimes it's for injuries you know you have like broken bones. But sometimes you use it to find tumors and cancer? Or how you use ultrasound to find out if you are pregnant...and if so...what it is? Well, that's what I do...except on NASA rockets and the (now retired) Space Shuttle.
Here I am on the pad with Space Shuttle Discovery
Here I am inspecting the External Tank of the Space Shuttle, ensuring that we don't have another Columbia accident!
Here I am X-Raying The Multi-Stage Adaptor for our new rocket, SLS

Out of work, I have 3 beautiful children, Aubree, Griffin, and Gavin.

In my spare time, I fish, I hunt, I play softball at NASA and flag football at UAHuntsville. I am an AVID Auburn Tigers fan! I somehow manage to attend classes as well at both UAHuntsville and Auburn  And...I love to write...did I say that already?