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Are you looking for some baits to give you an edge on everyone? Many of you know that I use Powerteam Lures almost exclusively. Not only have I found that the fish in Alabama love them, but that I am one of the only people using them, which has contributed to a lot of success in my local tournaments. Don't believe me? Head over to the Fish of 2014 and Fish of 2015 pages and you can see just how many fish I have caught on each bait. 

I sell individual packs on Amazon, and you can find my seller page at Best5Zach's Amazon Page. Additionally, if you are looking to buy more than just a single pack, it is always cheaper to contact me directly via email or drop a comment here. I buy in bulk from Powerteam Lures in quantities far cheaper than you will find anywhere, guaranteed. I do that by only buying the baits and colors I use. This allows me to buy 500 count lots in these specific baits at a much reduced cost, which I can pass along to you. This is particularly useful to dodge Amazon's ridiculous shipping costs. 

I accept paypal.

PowerTeam Lures Bull Nose Jig
This is an incredibly versatile jig that I use form everything from flipping timber to dragging across points. I stock five different colors, which you can chose from. These come in a two-pack and I carry them in 3/8ths and 1/2 ounce. 

Powerteam Lures Swinging Hammer Swimbait
A versatile bait that excels as a stand-alone bait on a belly-weighted or jig-headed hook or as a trailer on A-rigs, spinnerbaits, or buzzbaits. It's unique design allows from some impressive swimming motion. I carry this in 10 different colors. If you are looking for bulk orders (over 25), the baits are $.75 apiece.

Powerteam Lures Tickler 7"
This bait is probably responsible for the second most fish caught in 2015. Paired with a magnum shaky head, I have turned this bait into a fish magnet. I have used it hopping points,  flipping cover, dragging ledges, or pounding bluff, it has flat caught fish. It also isn't a small-fish bait, as I have caught some pigs of all varieties from spots, to largemouth, to smallmouth. I only carry this is three colors because that's all I ever need. If you are looking for bulk orders (over 25), the baits are $.20 apiece.

Powerteam Lures 5" Sick Stick
Over the last three or so years, I have caught more fish on this stick bait than any other bait. In fact, you could probably add all the other baits together and the Sick Stick may still come out on top. I use this bait on a shaky head the most, but I also keep one wacky-rigged at all times. Additionally, it excels on super tough days when Texas- or Carolina-rigged.  If you are looking for bulk orders (over 25), the baits are $.25 apiece.

Powerteam Lure 6" Gator
A lizard-type bait should always been tied on and ready to go. The 6" gator is a perfect size for all fish. My personal best bass came on this bait. This bait is my go-to on Guntersville, specifically during the spawn. I carry it in several colors including some discontinued colors. I keep a massive stock of Junebug, which is a must have color for Tennessee river lakes. If you are looking for bulk orders (over 25), the baits are $.25 apiece. 

Powerteam Lures 3.5" Craw D'oeuvre
Craw D is one of the most versatile baits I use. It can be paired with a Bull Nose jig as a trailler, Texas or Carolina-rigged, or even as a stand-alone bait on a pea or jig head. It is the perfect size to be a catch-all, even on the tough days. I carry this in six different colors which cover most basic jigs.  If you are looking for bulk orders (over 25), the baits are $.30 apiece. 

Powerteam Lures Hog Tonic
This isn't a fish attractant. It is much more. Stocked with plenty of smell-good to bring the fish in, it is also doped with amino acids to convince fish to hold on to the bait longer than they normally would. This is particularly important on subtle bites where you might need an extra few seconds to determine if that is a bite or not.

PowerTeam Lures 10" Ribbon Hinge Worm
Looking for a ledge-busting big worm? The PTL Ribbon Hinge Worm has a completely different action thanks to a weighted and segmented tail. Additionally, you can no longer get the watermelon seed as I bought the last lot.

PowerTeam Lures 4.5" Grub
I use this grub on everything from the Alabama Rig to the Bull Nose Jig. The motion in the water is awesome.

PowerTeam Lures 3.5" and 4.5" Texas Rig Jig
Great for flipping, jigging, and even on chatterbaits and swim jigs!