Monday, September 29, 2014

The LSU Preview

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This week has been circled on everyone's least since the game 2 Thursdays ago in Manhattan, Kansas. Let's be honest, here. We all expected Auburn to win that critical road game. We just didn't expect it to be so sloppy.  I think we all know it was sloppy, as we talked about in the Kansas State Review. But, it's the SEC. No one cares how you are long as you ARE undefeated. 

Though Arkansas is a decent team, they weren't really a test to Auburn, as the betting line showed weeks before the game. But LSU is week is here. IT'S HERE! And it's always a game. Unless Auburn gets run out of the building. Let me rephrase. When Auburn is a good team, this is always a pivotal game. Auburn's lone SEC loss in 2013 has to weigh on the minds of fans and players. That ill-fated game in Death Valley was destined to be a loss for Auburn.The team that would lead the NCAA in rushing was stymied in the first half thanks to costly turnovers and a torrential flood. 

But, 2013 aside, Auburn has struggled with LSU mightily. In the past 20 years, Auburn has won just 8 games against LSU and only once have they won back to back meetings (1999-2000). Here is the good news: Of those wins, 6 came from inside the confines of Jordan-Hare. I guess that's good news....

As an offensive coordinator and head coach at Auburn, Malzahn is 1-3 having scored 65 total points. Of those 65 points, 21 came in garbage time last year when the game was out of reach. That ain't too good. In that same period, LSU has scored 140. 

Anywho....we sold our tickets the day they showed up. Why? Because I don't think LSU is any good, sure. Also, the money was good. And also, our tailgate is awesome and we planned to watch it from the corner of Plainsman Park and the Tiger Walk.

Alas, it wasn't to be. Yours truly was ordered out of town to spend the next 10 days (Saturday included) inside of a rocket for 12 hours a day, making sure it's a quality piece. So, enjoy it for me. I won't know the score until sometime early Sunday morning. And the crowd goes wild....

So LSU has a brilliant comeback win against my surprise team of 2014, the Wisconsin Badgers who I predicted would finish in my Top 10 Teams of 2014. And then those pesky Dogs from Mississippi State came down to Death Valley and did exactly what we all thought they would do but none of us wanted to put money up. The Bengal Tigers responded with a  63-7 drumming of New Mexico State...a game that featured a QB controversy ending with Harris padding the stat book. 

Auburn had a sloppy win against Kansas State and responded with an equally sloppy win against La Tech. The only real highlight of the homecoming game was Quan Bray going out of his mind, taking a punt to the house for the second time this year as well as catching two TD passes. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't surprised...because I was. But, I had said earlier this year  in What Did D-Day Tell Us About the Offense that the development of the slot receiver, specifically Bray, would make this offense truly elite. While I spent the better part of my Saturday yelling at the TV (specifically Marshall), the Rose Tinted Glasses have convinced me that Malzahn had instructed Marshall not to keep the ball on the zone read. The play calling was very vanilla. Defensively, the Tigers played very well, though they began pulling starters out with any indication of injury. 

As we stated, Auburn has had the most success against LSU at home. That's not a surprise, as the Bengal Tigers are nearly unbeatable at home. On the flip side, Auburn has the ability to make miracles happen inside JHS. The weather says 60% chance of rain on Friday and 0% on Saturday. But, it's weather in Alabama. Keep an eye on that. A wet field sways this game hard in Auburn's favor. LSU gives Harris his first SEC start in one of the most hostile environments out there, rain or not. 

Well, let's get to it. 

Auburn's Defense vs LSU's Offense
LSU has scored only 10 total points in the first half of their two meaningful matchups. Harris has to play a much improved Auburn defense who has been dominant against the run, but not very good in pass rush. While I don't really trust pure numbers, the fact is that Kansas State and Arkansas can run on anyone. Aside from some first half hiccups against the Hogs, Auburn has played shutdown D up front against the run. If Auburn can get the pass rush going, they have the ability to put the LSU QB on his heels. The other thing that I will be watching for is if Miles feeds Fouronette or Hilliard in the 1st quarter. I have maintained that it was a mistake to break in the young running back when a capable Hilliard is available. Against one of the nations best run defenses, I wouldn't be surprised if the young star puts one on the dirt early, whether it is due to a bad read or a strip. It would be sweet repayment for the early fumble Auburn had on a 3rd and short last year. Across the board, Auburn seems to matchup well, especially on the back end. Dural is the only true deep threat, which Auburn can mitigate by putting their best cover corner on him. Additionally, with only limited deep threats, Ellis Johnson can dial up the star blitz, which has absolutely wrecked any and all offenses. Therezie has been a terror coming into the backfield. Not only does he have the speed to blow through the line, but he has been unblock-able when he gets picked up. Sacks are contagious and if Auburn can get one early, this battle could be won early. If Adams gets started early, it could be a bad day for Harris. The Wright/Adams combo could be devastating. 

Auburn's Offense vs LSU's Defense
Auburn has scored 31 first half points in their two meaningful matchups so far. Though Auburn has the edge there, they have started much slower on offense than previous Malzahn coached clubs. Against a stout SEC West defense, this could be cause for concern. Most importantly, CAP has been bottled up for 2 games straight, having to earn his last 100 yard game much later than we all anticipated. LSU certainly has great talent, but the continual loss of players to the NFL are starting to show. In their two close games (Wisc and Miss St), LSU has been unable to consistently stop the run, even when they knew it was coming. Wisconsin put up 270 yards on the ground and State thumped them for 300. Add in an Auburn offense that is desperate to show they are every bit as good as the running team in 2013 and you get a game that could quickly get out of hand. Prescott isn't Marshall and Marshall isn't Prescott. But, they both do the same thing well, just in different ways. Marshall may ultimately be more dangerous because he doesn't need a gaping hole to hit. Additionally, Auburn has a far superior receiving core to anything LSU has faced. They may be able to matchup against Duke and Coates, but the stretch on covering an upstart Bray and the ever dangerous Uzomah could be a challenge too great for the LSU D to overcome. The thing that favors LSU is Auburn's inability to maintain offensive momentum. The critical drops and missed throws have plagued Auburn's O so far this season, keeping the Tigers in games they should be running away with. I wouldn't be surprised if the targets to Louis begin to drop and we see the rise in production from Melvin Ray or Marcus Davis. Both of these two players have been lights-out when they are targeted. With the increased spotlight on Duke and Coates, a mismatch in the making against Uzomah, it would be easy for either of these two players to shake loose, as we have seen a few times this year. 

Special Teams
The special teams edge has to go to Auburn. Carlson is on his way to being a special weapon. And while Bray hasn't returned a kick from a reputable team, he is doing a fantastic job. It's hard enough to field kicks cleanly. When he has decided to return them, he has been dangerous. Additionally, Corey Grant hasn't broken loose yet on kick offs, which has been a surprise to me, especially against the non-conference opponents. Don't be surprised to see Grant or Thomas shake loose for a big return. 

Auburn thumps LSU 31-10

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 6

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Sorry to all 3 of my readers who missed my week 5 post. I didn't have one. I was in training all week and was unable to find the time to make a post. It was a pedestrian week since my opponent had an illegal lineup, giving me an easy win in that match up.  I would have won anyway, but it was a lot closer than I would have liked. Across the board, I improved to an overall 13-2 record. 

Bo Wallace was Bad Bo Wallace this week. He had 2 INTs, which brings his season total to 6.  He managed a paltry 15 points in a sloppy win. Thankfully, we only need him two more times this season when Carden is on the Bye in weeks 8 and 11, which is the week before the playoffs begin. Ole Miss plays Tennessee and Presbyterian, respectively. He will be a solid play in week 8. Considering that Wallace has averaged 37 points every other game, one might be inclined to start him since he had an off week this week against Memphis. But, it's Bama at home. And while I think that could be a surprising game, I won't hang my hat on it. 

Abdullah produced another 40+ point game this week. What can you say about him? He averages 32 points per game! He absolutely must be started each and every week. But, he has Michigan State this week...

 In a last second pick up, I snatched Thomas Rawls from Central Michigan. He was coming off a 2 week suspension and it was announced that he would not only play, but be an integral part of the C Mi offense. He mustered 18 points in the effort, which gives him a 22 point per game average in his 3 games. It was risky to start him, but he could be a very sneaky pickup in a league where most people simply look at total points scored instead of PPG.  

Kennedy didn't blow up against Arkansas. I will be honest, it's hard to trust a receiver in an offense like TAMU. But, Kennedy finds the endzone, even in games where he sees limited targets. He provided 10 points, but he isn't exactly a point busting pick. 

Engram managed 3 catches for 22 yards, providing only 2 points in the aforementioned contest with Memphis. His 3 catches were a season low, but that was expected. I figured that Treadwell would be a focus for the offense against Memphis and that Engram would be ignored. Indeed that was the case. 

Larry Dixon, the running back from Army, was a bust, as far as running backs are concerned. 11 point efforts from your running backs are killers. It was surprising that Army couldn't get going against Yale. He managed only 7 rushes, which is his season low by a factor of 2. His touches are dropping by the week. 

Ficken, the PSU kicker was held to just 6 points in a surprising loss to Northwestern. Talk about an eye-popping loss. North Western ran a freight train on the Nittany Lions, and Ficken provided the only points. 

Baylor's DST was a late pickup for me. They were "statistically" the best available. They gave me an earth shattering 3 points while allowing Iowa State 28 points. Honestly, I didn't expect much this week in terms of D. All the good ones were taken or on Byes. I was hoping just to get points. I kinda figured it would be more than 2....

Week 6 Starters

QB: Carden is back from a Bye week after throwing up a jaw-dropping 59 points. I don't think the production will fall much against SMU. The only question is, will he stay in the game or will they salt it with the run...or both? Carden is that ride that you just KNOW won't last, but you have to stay on it. Everything says that he will go on to set all kinds of records this year. If you have him, you HAVE to start him in ANY game. If I had to guess, Carden gets up early and they Pirates run the ball with Breon Allen. So, if Allen is available....better pick him up quick.

RB1: Like Carden, Abdullah is a guy you MUST start in all formats. The problem this week is that he faces off against a worst case scenario. The Huskers are matched with Michigan State....and the Huskers have trouble throwing the ball. This is a boom or bust play with a less than 20% chance of success. 

RB2: Despite missing 2 weeks, Rawls made it onto my team and produced 18 points in a loss. It's obvious that he is the feature back of this offense. Though his carries were limited, it was simply to get him back in the game. Expect big things from him when facing off against Ohio. 

WR1: Yall know I like to pair a receiver with my QB for the discount double up. Well, I still can't get Hardy on a trade, and that's ok. Jones, the number 2 receiver popped up available and I snatched him. He has two 20+ point games sandwiching two mediocre games against South Carolina and Virginia Tech.  He excells against teams with limited depth in the defensive backfield. The best DB will be on Hardy. Expect a 100 yard game from Jones.

WR2: Kennedy is a hard start against Mississippi State. He has been stable, but he isn't a game breaker. De'Runnya Wilson is, however. The last time I started him against South Alabama, is inexplicably didn't play.  I was pretty miffed and benched him against LSU, only to see him have a 15 point outing. When it's crunch time, Prescott will throw to his 6'5" playmaker. TAMU isn't too great at defense, so this is a solid play over Kennedy vs MSU, who DOES play good D.

FLEX: Storm Woods has been a player who everyone drafts and keeps, despite having pedestrian numbers the last two years. He hasn't had a big game yet in 2014, though he did have 20 and 17 against Portland State and SDSU. In a PRR league, he is a GREAT player as he gets around 3 passes a game. Otherwise, he is a shaky player. If he doesn't produce against Colorado, he will be getting cut.

K:  Hunnicut is available? Yep. I will take him.

DST: There isn't anything available that was worth starting this week. Temple is available, but on a BYE. I think I will snatch them up another week. In the meantime, I have Baylor vs Texas. I think I will drop them and I won't start a defense at all. After all, we are playing for the playoffs, right?

This team is 5-0/1-0 and playing a non-divisional opponent this week. This is a great opportunity to stash some gold, even if it means a loss. At least it looks good on paper....

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Kansas State Review

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Welp. It's done. In the books. And it wasn't pretty. Did the Tiger's perform as you expected? They sure didn't, in my book. But, let's keep things in perspective for a bit. Auburn managed to go on the road against a Top 20 team and win. At the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. 

But, as we do for each and every game, let's take a look at how I predicted they would play, and see what actually happened. For a quick recap, go read my Kansas State Preview

In the first quarter, Auburn essentially had 3 3-and-outs. And, aside from a Waters fumble recovered by Ole Star 27 which led to a cheap field goal, Auburn's offense wasn't able to do anything. I predicted that Marshall would continue to struggle early in the game, which he did.  The case of the dropsies continued for an Auburn receiving core that COULD be on the best, but isn't. 

An interception in the endzone and am missed field goal and we would have the 10-3 score I predicted. Instead, the bad ju-ju for opposing kickers continues and an All-American receiver bobbled a sure TD which Auburn's Jones came up with. 

In the second quarter, it wasn't Lockett who moved the chains for Kansas State. Instead, it was little used Curry Sexton who benefited from the heavy coverage that Lockett drew. A couple of choice passes and Kansas State cashed in on a short run. And, instead of Duke finding the endzone in the second quarter, it was Ricardo Louis who took a short pass, made some moves, and found the endzone.  We found the score 10-7 thanks to another missed field goal by the Wildcats. 

At teh end of the 3rd, no more changes....just more of the same. Even another missed KSU field goal. 

On the 3rd play of the 4th quarter, Marshall found Duke on an underneath route to have Auburn a 17-7 lead. After a Trovon Reed INT, Carlson added a field goal to extend the lead. Kansas State fought back to get within a TD, but Marshall hit Duke on a long pass to salt the game. 

So, the game ends at 20-14, a far cry from the 38-23 game I predicted. Both sides played very sloppy. If KSU gets the bobbled INT in the endzone and the 3 missed FGs, they come away with 30 total points. Auburn left at least 2 TDs and 1 missed FG on the field due to missed throws and drops, which would have gotten the game to 37-30. Obviously, much closer to my predicted score. But, they didn't. 

My initial reaction after the game was that the team didn't play well in any phase of the game. It wasn't until the next day that I read how well Auburn's defense performed. Let's not forget how well Waters and Co have played up until this point in the season. A potent running attack was held to 40 total yards. I don't care WHO you play, holding a team to 40 rushing yards is getting it done. The Auburn secondary gave up yards to a secondary receiver, but kept the Waters/Lockett connection in check while coming away with 2 INTs. I guess I was so flabbergasted at the lack of offensive production that I shortchanged the defense. Instead of going for the defense for the sake of the team, I just wanted the defense to play so the offense could get the ball back and get out of its funk. Instead, I should have been excited to see an Auburn defense rise into a consensus top 25 defense for the first time in FOREVER. No, I don't mean "when the opposing team in on the 25 yardline during a Thursday night game in the central time zone." I mean, an overall top 25 defense in most every category.  And that is playing two top 25 or so offenses. 

Speaking of offenses, is anyone slightly worried about the progression of Marshall? I am. Where are the fireworks? The better passes? The better decisions? Instead of seeing the inevitable super-stardom that being a 2nd year starter under Malzahn would bring, we are seeing the exact same player we were seeing this time last year. In the first quarter, the decisions on the zone read were appalling. Marshall's decision making scuttled any chance at dominating the game as he pulled it when he should have kept it and kept it when he should have pulled it. It never felt like the tempo that Lashlee and Malzahn want was ever set. 

The only highlight I felt was worth mentioning was that Duke has had a 3rd straight 100 yard receiving game. I don't know when the last time that was accomplished. But, it took a 40 yard game-sealing catch to get there. Marshall still hasn't hit that magical number of completion percentage, though I will say that he did attempt a new high in attempts and didn't throw any picks. It wasn't a terrible night throwing, but he isn't setting the w0rld on fire. If he is to get into the Heisman spotlight, he better get with it.

As much as I wasn't happy with the execution, the fact is that Auburn got out of a tough game when many other similar teams did not (see Missouri and LSU). 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 4

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Week 3 is in the books. I went 3-0 this week and 8-1 overall throughout the leagues in which I participate.

How did my players perform? Well, not so great. While Wallace did what Wallace does...throwing 4 TDs with 1 INT and 316 yards, only the Oregon defense did me right. 

Abdullah had a 110 yard 1 TD performance on the way to a 55-19 win over Fresno State. That wasn't terribly surprising, in retrospect. Nebraska has struggled to do much more than run Abdullah so far this year. But, they found their stride early and Abdullah was out of the game earlier than expected. 

Kelvin Taylor has taken a back seat for the Gators. Taylor struggled against Kentucky, seeing his carries given away. This is a major cause for concern. 

Treadwell has continued to find himself in tight coverage, leading to the explosion of Cody Core, an unknown at the start of the season. It's tough to even consider, but Treadwell finds himself on the cut list going into his bye week. I can't bring myself to do it quite yet. But, if my new crop of receivers do well this week, he may be sitting for awhile.

I picked up De'Runnya Wilson late last week, as he had found the endzone 3 times in 2 games. And yet, he didn't play snap gainst South Alabama, leading to the most confusing play of my weekend. 

Engram didn't play against UL-Laf. No reason has been given, which is frustrating. He hasn't blown up like I thought he would, but he remains on my roster simply because of the double up advantage I get when playing Wallace. He has 17 points in the first 2 games, which is a respectable number. He has been held scoreless, which is a big surprise and a trend that won't continue when we get into SEC play. But, he hits the pine on his bye week. 

Dixon was another late pickup and a big gamble. I picked him up because someone dropped him on his bye week. I guess they missed the part where he had only played one game this season. I was forced to play him against Stanford, who smothered the Army offense. But, this play wasn't for this week. He will be a major cog in my future.  

Week 3 Starters

QB:  It's time for me to finally start my first round draft pick in Carden. In case you missed it, East Carolina nearly beat South Carolina last week and went on to beat Virginia Tech. This week he gets UNC, who has a good defense, but no better than South Carolina or Virginia Tech. The only thing I worry about is a potential let down game. But, if they didn't have a let down game this week after the loss to the Gamecocks, I don't have much fear of it happening. 

RB1: Abdullah had a quiet game, as we spoke about earlier. He is a stud and is playing Miami this week. Miami won't get the kind treatment that Fresno received. Everyone hates the 'Canes. Expect him to carry the rock a lot.

RB2: Storm Woods is coming off a bye week following a weak performance against Hawaii. He notched only 7 points and was held scoreless. But, the Beaver offensive staff obviously wants to get him the ball, as he had 35 yards on 10 rushes and 41 receiving yards. The Beavers are up against San Jose State. Expect him to see the ball 25 times. 

WR1: Malcome Kennedy did some major damage against South Carolina in the opener. Since then, he has had pedestrian numbers against inferior competition. That isn't too surprising, as there is  little need to hone in on a favorite receiver against cup cakes. SMU isn't exactly a powerhouse, but they are an in-state rival. We are getting into the part of the season where breakout players in weeks 1-3 are either covered up, or go on to shine. Kennedy has looked like a legitimate threat in all formats, even on a team that likes to spread the ball around. He is targeted multiple times a game but was held out of the endzone against Rice. That isn't a trend likely to continue. Even if he continues his season long average of 8 points a game, that is worth starting. 

WR2: As we stated, this week is Carden's first week as my starter. That isn't to say that he hasn't earned it, because he has. It was too risky to start him against South Carolina and Virginia Tech. Next up is UNC who doesn't have the defense of either of the aforementioned teams. While Hardy was clearly the preseason lock as Carden's top receiver and looked to be one of the top connections in the country, Cam Worthy exploded last week as Va Tech looked to shut down Hardy. He has 11 receptions on the year for over 300 yards and 1 TD to Hardy's 23 receptions and 270 yards and 2 TDs. Hardy is undoubtedly a more NFL caliber receiver, which will work out in my favor as teams will roll coverage to his side. Remember, even pedestrian yardage is ok with the double up rule. Most importantly, any TD connection between Carden and Worthy is a game breaker. 

Flex: Another start for Dixon. Stanford played Army about like I would expect, holding him to low points. Dixon is a 3 down work horse back. Against Wake Forest, I expect him to post big numbers. 

TE: With Engram on the bye week, I had to go searching for a stand in. What I found was Pharaoh Brown, the TE from Oregon. All I can really say about him is that he is targeted multiple times a game, and usually they are down field throws. I'm not looking for a game breaker out of this guy, but hitting his average of 6.5 points per game would be nice. 

DST: All the good defenses are owned right now. For a 2nd straight week, I am forced to play the matchup game. But, that's ok. As of now, I still don't have anything better than my current D in Oregon. This league doesn't score on yards per game, but on points and takeovers. They play a Washington State team that loves to throw the ball. Yards will pile up and I expect a few scores mixed in. But, sacks and INTs should be plentiful, as Halliday was one of the most sacked QBs on 2013. 

K: I have so much faith in Storm Woods and the Oregon State offense that I am dropping Schewettman from Western Kentucky for the Beavers Owens. Of course, I only do that because the Hilltoppers are on a bye week. He scored me 17 points last week, which is 17 more than 5 of my other players. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Best SEC Games in Week 4

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Well, let's see how we did last week. Go check out the writeup from last week. 

Arkansas pulled out a big win. I don't know who needed it more, the Hogs or the SEC. 

Missouri did a little more than "doing just enough to win" as I expected. They did get a defensive TD in the 4th quarter that made the game look worse than it really was. Mauk tossed 4 TDs , 2 each to Sasser and Jimmy Hunts. The big key, as we talked about last week, was that UCF can't run the ball. They were held to 58 total rushing yards on 31 carries. 

I thought the Dogs would dominate, as did everyone else outside of Columbia. Heck, even in Columbia there was worry, as I heard on the Finebaum show. I did think enough of OBC to say that he was capable of coaching his way to a win and that USC was one of those teams that storms back after a let down game. I simply didn't think it would be possible if Richt handed Gurley the ball. Guess what? He didn't. On a critical 1st and goal from the 4, Bobo and company decided to do the unthinkable. They threw the ball on 1st down, and were called for intentional grounding. They ran the ball on 2nd from behind the sticks and were forced to throw it on 3rd and long...which was tipped incomplete. Normally reliable kicker Morgan shanked the field goal and the Cocks went on to win.  I don't want to make mistakes for myself, but the coaching was extremely questionable. Gurley had already wracked up 130 yards. I wasn't like they had stonewalled him. But, I digress.

Kentucky put up a huge fight. They had looked explosive and dominate in their 2 cupcake games and the question was if it would translate. I didn't think it would, in the grand scheme, but against Florida? Well, it did...against a skittish looking Gator squad. It took 3 overtimes and a blown call for the Gators to get the win. Is Kentucky that good or Florida that bad? Good news is, we will know after this weekend. 

Tennessee made the Sooners work for it, but in the end it went down exactly how we thought it would. The Vols don't have enough....yet. But they fought hard, as we have seen them do this year, which they hadn't done in some time. North was pretty impressive, going for 67 yards on 6 catches. Worley showed that he can't win games, which is no surprise, as he tossed 2 picks including 1 pick 6. The worst part is, they were both in the endzone. Tennessee moved the ball and those two turnovers broke the game for the Vols. 

So, we ended up 3-1 for the week and 6-4 over all. Pretty pitiful. That's ok. This week will be better. 

Best SEC Games in Week 4

Auburn at Kansas State
We have previewed this game on the blog already. Go check out our predictions. What I will say is....7 point spread. Really? Auburn has covered 13 straight spreads. If I were a betting kind of guy, this is one I would consider. 
Auburn. By more than 7.5

Alabama vs Florida
I'd love to make this my SEC game of the week. But it's not. Why? Because I don't think much of either team. Is it possible that both teams can lose this one? Florida was given a gift last week against Kentucky. KENTUCKY! Driskel is shakey at best. Kelvin Taylor took a backseat this week to Matt Jones who went for 156 yards on 30 carries against Kentucky. The defense doesn't look like what it has been in the past. On the other side is a Bama team that is hard to gauge. Do they have a QB or don't they? To me, Sims is doing a decent job. He isn't doing any more than the previous 2 Championship QBs have done, so I don't know what all the fuss is about. It's like Tide fans want to complain about all the talent on the sideline, but they claim a National Championship every February during NSD.  Face it. You can't have 2 QBs on the field (or can you....) and all 4 running backs at the same time. In fact, Sim's mobility has looked really good (against inferior competition).

What I think should frighten the Tide fans is consistency of inconsistency of the work load for the backs and receivers. Yeldon and Henry are neck and neck with carries (right at 40 for Yeldon and 33 for Henry) and Drake with 18 of his own. I have witnessed a lot of fans who want to  share the carries between the 3. If you listen to the Bama fans, it seems that the guy on the sideline is always the hot hand. They want all 3 guys to have 20 touches a game.  I see the rationale behind that. If you have 3 studs, it makes sense to rotate them and wear a defense out. But, a running back needs to find his groove, and that cannot be done sharing the carries. Consider this: Even though Yeldon and Henry have almost 75 touches between them, they have 3 TDs total. Drake has 4 TDs. That won't sit right with these guys forever. The other thing to consider is the lack of production from the other receivers, which is a function of the play calling. Cooper has 33 catches in 2014, which is almost 4 times the next guy in line. This is by design, as Kiffin's offense is all about getting the ball to the play makers in space. So far, Bama hasn't played a defense that could put even 1 capable defender on Amari Cooper. 

That could change this week. Florida has consistently churned out good defensive backs to the NFL. Honestly, I don't know who it is...but Florida has got to have that receiver capable of keeping up with Cooper.  The key to Cooper's game is making the first defender miss. We have seen that the last two years when he gets the ball in space. What we haven't seen Kiffin do a lot this year is throwing the ball in the flats or off the wheel route to the backs. If he can do this, the Tide offense will break this game open. Florida cannot score from behind. In the end, this will be a premier game to watch, but by year's end, it won't matter. Both of these teams will share 4 losses. Minimum. But someone has to win this one.

SEC Game of the Week

LSU vs Mississippi State

LSU has notched an impressive win against a very good Wisconsin team, but I don't put too much faith in that. Opening weekend games are an anomaly, at least in my opinion. You can't judge a team by their first game, especially one against a premier opponent as they have had months to game plan. But, one thing you must give credit for is the 21 point deficit the Tigers overcame to beat the Badgers. That's not something that you can belittle. State, however, has played a 3 week cupcake walk of games. Prescott hasn't exploded onto the Heisman scene like many thought he would. Yet, he has 9 TD tosses and 2 TD runs. But, he has a completion ratio under 60% against inferior competition. But, we know he can blow up teams by running. Mullen has kept Prescott under tight reigns by limiting him to less than 7 rushes per game. There is zero doubt that he can run against good teams. Even in a loss last year, he managed over 100 yards and a TD. 

LSU looks to be grooming Fournette for the lead back job, having gotten him to 31 total carries, pacing Hilliard who has 41. The two backs have identical averages. Things could turn south in a hurry if they push Fournette. We have seen it many times: a young player trying to do too much, leading to a costly turnover. This should really be a chance to lean on a very good senior running back in Hilliard, who looks to be on pace to eclipse his carries from the last few years. He has never rushed for more than 80 carries and has only 60-70 in 2 of his 3 previous years. He already has as many receptions this year than any other year. I expect him to be the work horse against State. Does LSU have a capable QB? It doesn't really look like it. He has posted 1 game with a completion ratio greater than 60%. I look at his numbers and I don't see a QB who can win the west. 

This isn't the first time that this matchup has looked to be compelling. This year has the makings of a classic. This is the first year in a long time that State hasn't played Auburn early. That game almost always ends in a Dogs loss and is almost always a deflating one going into the game against LSU (2013, 2011, 2010). I think that could be a huge factor in this game. Last year's contest was close for 3 quarters. Real close. Before Mettenberger lit it up in the 4th for 28 points. I look at this game and see a very capable Mississippi State offense against a  typical LSU defense, who has been gashed by teams in the last two years. I see an untested State defense against a seemingly 1 dimensional LSU offense. My heart says State wins it with fantastic play from Prescott and a few turnovers for the LSU offense. My head says "Death Valley."

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 3

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Well, we enter week 3 and I am 4-0 for my main account in the two leagues I am participating in. I have a 3rd team, called Ghostman, which is comprised solely on free agents, al la "The Replacements", which would be a better team name, all things considered. 

Week 3 is probably the week that we see the biggest moves in the game. Those draft picks that didn't perform well in week 1 got a pass. If they don't work in week 2, well, it's time to hit the ole dusty trail. 

So, who did well for me last week? Well, in my FBS league, I put up 133 points, which was middle of the pack. Had my opponent done a little better, we would be talking about a different story. 

Here is the post from last week, so you can see who played.

Wallace underperformed, scoring a paltry 22 points. He had only 1 TD toss, made no runs, but did put up 320 passing yards, which is really the only redeeming quality he has shown so far. 

Abdullah had a different game than we are used to seeing. He had under 100 rush yards for the first time that I can remember, but found the endzone once while running. Most importantly, he took a short pass 50 yards for a TD that won the game for the Huskers. But, that put him at 26 points. I will take it. 

Storm Woods continues to be unimpressive and he finds himself on a bye week....and close to being cut loose by yours truly. He managed a anemic 7 points, which you cannot have in a RB2. He is looking more like a flex player at best, since he does catch a lot of balls from the backfield. 

Taylor, the WR from Western Kentucky was a late addition for me, due to his 33 point explosion against Bowling Green in Week 1. It was a gamble and I knew it. He turned in a 1 point week in a losing effort against Illinois. He had 3 catches as opposed to his 12 catches in the previous week. He also finds himself on the bubble. 

Treadwell did manage a TD grab against Boise State in week 1, and I thought he would live up to the fantasy billing. But it appears that Core is becoming the go-to guy for Wallace, probably because of the extra attention Treadwell garners. In week 2, he had 3 receptions for 31 yards. You can't cut a guy who has the ability to dominate a game. More on him later. 

Engram has lived up to every bit of the hype concerning the #1 TE in the game, justifying why I drafted him in the 4th round, which raised some eyebrows. But, it was a strategy that was nearly fool-proof after I drafted Wallace in Round 2. If you KNOW he is guaranteed targets (which few TEs can boast) and you already have his QB, its silly not to take him. He put up 13 points from his 112 yards against Vandy.

Kelvin Taylor was a player that many people had circled as a potential breakout star. He was the lone bright spot at Florida in 2013, but my question regarded his use with a new offensive coordinator on a team with a ton of talent. While he had a great 2013 campaign, it was great because of the lack of anything else in Gainesville. It wasn't like he was a 1,000 back. Quite the opposite. But, I drafted him. Week 1 was a the game was canceld. I hesitated to start him, or even keep him, with other players who had done something in week 1. But, I kept him and he responded with 68 rush yards and 2 TDs before getting sat. 

Aguayo is the best kicker in the country. He had 13 points. What else is there to say?

Again, many people raised eyebrows when I drafted Auburn's DST, proclaiming it a Homer pick. Well, it was a homer pick because I know something many people don't: They special teams are nearly unrivaled. Case in point, the punt Quan Bray took to the house. And, he isn't the real dangerous weapon.  That would be Grant and Louis. 

So, who is starting this week?

Week 3 Starters

QB: I'm still riding the Wallace train, though I will most certainly be trading him leading into the SEC-West schedule. Ole Miss plays UL-LAf this week. The scary thing is, will he play the whole game? After his slow start as a Heisman candidate, he needs to show that he can put up gaudy numbers. I expect him to play at least a half. Two things could happen: He could have an extremely efficient first half, say 3 TDs and 200 yards passing with 1 rushing TD and get sat. Or, he could struggle in the first half and have to play the second half. While that might mean a lack of passing TDs, that would mean a plethora of yards. This league rewards big passing numbers, so that's ok with me.

RB1: You have to start Abdullah. He is not a player that you can afford to sit on the bench. He plays against Fresno State on a team where Kenny Bell, the only deep threat, is questionable. This looks to be a monster game for him. 

RB2: Driskel continues to look uncomfortable under center, even against inferior competition. Kentucky is up, and while they aren't a great team, they are a much improved team. Their offense looks better than it has since Cobb was on the field. Their defense is....ok. Driskel hasn't proven adept yet, especially against ANY SEC competition. I DO expect him to have a great game, but I also expect Taylor to get a lot of touches. 

WR1: Treadwell has to be getting fed up with the lack of balls getting tossed his way. Freeze is the kind of coach who wants to showcase his weapons. There is no one on UL-LAF that can matchup to a prototypical player like him. He will be in the crosshairs, for sure....but the targets will go up. Remember, because of the double up I get with Wallace, even if he only gets 8-10 points, that is perfectly acceptable. Any TDs on the Wallace/Treadwell hookup are gamebreakers. I mean, it's a minimum of 12 points per TD. 

WR2: Taywan Taylor had a massive week 1 against BGSU. I mean, 12 catches for 185 and a TD. However, he was all but shut out in week 2. Up next is MTSU. These games always feature a lot of points, which is always good for fantasy. If he can't do it against MTSU, it will be time to cut him loose. In the meantime, he is on the bench for a FA pick up in De'Runya Wilson from Miss State. Coming out of high school, he was a huge pickup for the Dogs. He had a decent freshman campaign while playing opposite some very good receivers. So far he has only 6 catches, but has found the endzone on 3 of them. That's a stat you cannot ignore. While it may be an outlier, it's a very good gamble.

FLEX: Speaking of gamble, how about playing an Army RB against Stanford, who is coming off a loss. Yikes! Larry Dixon, the RB from Army has only played 1 week. He was a high draft pick in our league, but I found him available this morning. Why? Well, most likely because he had a bye in week 1 and someone didn't pay attention that he was ranked way down the list because he had only played 1 game. Maybe they are 0-2 and desperate. Who knows? But, there he was...fresh off a 29 point week. And, Stanford hasn't been the best against the rush, giving up 150 yards to the USC back in a loss. Sure, it's a gamble. But even when outmatched, Army runs the ball a lot. 

K: Aguayo is on a bye week. And I did something crazy....I dropped him. SHHHHH. Don't tell anyone. Fact is, there is always a good offensive matchup to exploit. So, I don't feel bad about dropping him. In his place I picked up Schwettman from Western Kentucky, who plays MTSU, as we said earlier. Expect a lot of scoring. 

DST: Auburn is on a bye week. As I said with the kicker, there is always a matchup, so I picked up Oregon. With the speed they always have in the return game, plus the came against a Wyoming team that LOVES to throw, the potential is there to have a lot of turnovers.  Wyoming has found success in the last few years, but not against top competition. The Ducks defense continues to improve and they have the penchant for both holding teams to low scores and getting those TOs. Additionally, with the throwing attack that the Cowboys have, the ability to rack up on sacks during dropbacks is a big plus.  Just be aware that you may not score any points based on limiting scores. This play is solely based on turnovers, sacks and special teams play. 

On the Bench
Terrance Broadway-Ole Miss has a pretty good front 4. While I do believe he is a sneaky play later in the season, week 3 against Ole Miss isn't the time.

Shane Carden-My first round pick and I haven't played him yet. He struggled against South Carolina and he has a Va Tech game this week coming off a HUGE win. Could be good. Could be bad. Not going to chance it. 

Storm Woods-Bye

Pharoh Cooper-After a decent game against TAMU, he hasn't done much of anything and will most likely get dropped soon. UGA certainly isn't a play for anyone.

Malcome Keenedy- He is averaging 13 points a game. But, because there are so many weapons on the TAMU squad, I can't find myself ready to pull the trigger. If he continues to put up good numbers, he will be a Flex at best. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Best SEC Games in Week 3

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Yeah yeah yeah. I didn't do a Best of Week 2. Why? Well, the only compelling matchup was Ole Miss and 

That doesn't mean there weren't games that mattered, just none that I felt like writing about. Just a recap: Everyone won. South Carolina got a scare from ECU, who have one of the best QB/WR combos in Carden/Hardy. UAB put up 34 points on Mississippi State. That's really about it. Oh. And Bama still doesn't have a QB, so my hope that Griffith is named starter is still alive. If Coker or Simms can't do it...maybe he can.

So, let's go back to week 1. You can read about my prognostications here. Eh. On second thought.....don't go read that. Wisconsin blew what seemed to be an insurmountable lead, South Carolina laid a deuce, and Chuckie Keeton needs another Turbin to win. 

So we are 3-3. Let's get back on track, shall we? 

Arkansas at Texas Tech
Talk about a flip-em pick-em game. Who knows who will show up between these two teams? Kingsbury's team sure knows how to throw the ball around. They are 9th in the country in passing, but in the bottom in points allowed....against Central Arkansas and UTEP? Two games in and Webb has 730 yards and 7 TDs passing. But with all those passes comes picks. 2 so far. Expect a few more. One thing I do know...being able to run the ball and control the clock can work wonders against a spread team. Arkansas runs the ball. To. Death. When the Raiders commit to the run, Allen will show that he isn't a bottom rung QB in the SEC by hitting some long balls. That will take the Lubbock crowd out of it early. Webb makes the game look interesting by throwing the ball around. But, inside the 20, bad things will happen. I imagine the Hogs D-line will have a few things to say. 

UCF at Missouri
UCF comes off a bye week after a near miss against a good Penn Sate team. All we learned about the Knights was that they can't run the ball. 2 of their leading 3 rushers have negative numbers. I don't even know how that's possible. Though they played PSU tough, they were able to scheme for a month. They get a week to scheme against a Missouri team that seems to have reloaded despite losing its run game and top pass catchers from 2013. Sasser has come on strong from the wide-out position and the Tigers can still run the ball. Missouri hasn't shown all of its cards yet, and I expect them to show just enough to win. 

Georgia at South Carolina
Though I look at the two games that USC has played and at the impressiveness of the Dogs so far and think this is a tough but manageable game for UGA, I can't help but think about last year. OBC has accomplished what no other USC coach has done with his straight 11 win seasons, but he can't seem to keep from the let down game. But after let down games, just when people write him off, he storms back. Just think about last year after losing to Tennessee. However, Richt had his number last year and he has it again. This USC team doesn't have the talent or identity. The USC defense hasn't stopped a team yet. UGA hasn't been stopped and had an extra week to prepare. The score may not show it, but the Dogs dominate. 

Kentucky at Florida
A new look Kentucky coming to The Swamp. Kentucky has had its share of impressive play so far. The offense has featured several fresh playmakers. The Cats have outscored opponents 79-17 thus far. The only 2 TDs allowed were in 4th quarter garbage time. Florida blanked their week 2 opponent 65-0. You really think this might be a game? Think again. If nothing else, the pride of beating the Cats at home will pull the Gators through. 

Zach's SEC Game of the Week 

Tennessee at Oklahoma
The SEC is NEARLY perfect on non-conference games. If it weren't for that OTHER team from Rocky Top, we would be perfect. UT has outscored non-conference opponents 72-26. Utah State and Arkansas State are two solid programs, so don't be so quick to judge their 2 wins. Arkansas State is very similar to Oklahoma. It features a lot of in-space play from dynamic and speedy receivers. 

Oklahoma has outscored its opponents 100-23 and in an impressive fashion. They have 2 RBs averaging 7.5 yards per carry or better and one of the nation's best receivers in Sterling Shepard. The Sooners have given up only 1 sack. Defensively, I think UT actually stacks up well to the Sooners offense. AJ Johnson is one of the best LBs in the game. He can take over a game, so watch out. His ability to cover from sideline to sideline as well as meeting the ball at the point of attack makes him a game breaker. Arkansas State and Utah State are hard to match up against in space, but UT did it very well. Their D-line has played well, and it will be imperative for them to get pressure on Knight.

The problem with this matchup is the lack of a consistent run game for the Vols. Marlin Lane looked like a viable replacement to Rajion Neal, but he hasn't produced. None of the Vols runners average more than 4 yards per carry. That's probably because the Vols entire offensive line was gutted by graduations. If that weren't enough, Worley isn't the answer for Butch Jones. Tennessee does have a plethora of talent at the receiver position in Pig Howard and Marqueze North. Each of these does something a little different, but does it very well. Heck, Marquez has done me SOLID in 2 different fantasy league. If Worley can get the ball to Howard on short throws or handoffs, it will setup some deeper throws to North.

On paper, UT doesn't seem to have the firepower to win this game, but as we saw with Bama against Oklahoma last year, games aren't played on paper. Tennessee doesn't win this one, but they have the heart to keep it a game to the end. Make no mistake, this team may not have the talent now, but Jones is transforming this program. 

The UGA and USC game may be the game that commands the most attention as far as the SEC championship and playoffs go, but this game should be the most entertaining. 

The Kansas State Preview

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I know the game isn't this week, but I just COULD NOT WAIT to preview this terrific out of conference game, which many pundits have circled as a trap game for the Auburn Tigers. So, even though the game is 10 something days away, I wanted to get a leg up on all the other writers....which would be a first, considering how official they all are....and I am SOOOOO not. We can all dream, right? But I digress. 

So, unless you have been living under a rock, this is a PRIME TIME Thursday night game on ESPN. Expect it to get shoved down your throat just a little less than the whole "This year is the first year of the 4 team playoff" blah blah. 

Both teams enter the contest 2-0 and coming off a bye week. That should make this game very interesting, because, other than bowl games, that NEVER happens. So, who will benefit from the extra scheming time? 

First, let's review the season so far. I admit that I didn't cover the San Jose State game. Why? Because I had better things to do. Like getting my tail waxed at the Spro Frog tournament this past weekend. Nah, truthfully it's because trying to predict such a cupcake game is an exercise in futility, other than saying "Auburn....BIG."  But, you can go read my Arkansas Review, if you like. Or, you can read the following bullet points:
  • CAP is every bit as good as I said he would be
  •  Auburn's defense doesn't show up until halftime
  • We still have no secondary. Still.
  • Pass rush hasn't been very good. We are having to walk the Star, specifically Therezie, into the box. 
  • Special Teams has been outstanding, which is why I drafted them for my Fantasy College Football Team
That's the long and short of it, really.  

So, what about them Wildcats? It's hard to believe that this is the conclusion of a Home and Home series dating back to 2007.  We actually went to that game and had these awesome seats on the 50 on row 1. Turns out, short peeps can't see from Row 1. After all, when you are on the same level as all the football players, none under 6 foot...well....5'3" won't cut it. 

Well, let's look at their stats. They are 2-0, coming off a scary finish at Iowa State. They were losing 20-28 at halftime to the Cyclones, who put up 21 second quarter points. Both were scoreless in the 3rd and the Cats put up 12 points in the 4th to win. 

Truth be told, there were two plays that really kept Iowa State in this game. One was a punt return for a TD and the other was a receiver pass. Though the later was a bit of trickeration, it still counts just as much.Other than that, the Cats didn't give up a ton of yards. They allowed only 319 total yards and came away with a turnover. I think we know what Auburn is capable of, though it must be reiterated that the Arkansas and San Jose State defenses are not the type competition that Kansas State is, so comparing them is a moot point.  Auburn can run the ball, and Kansas State has been able to stuff the run in the past few years. If Coates comes back, the receiving core from AU will be tough to match up against, considering the pure talent. Coaching can only get you so far when you look at receivers vs defensive backs. The biggest question mark will be the accuracy of Marshall, whose last outing was perhaps the worst since the 1st game last year. Though the Cats have statistically been amazing on defense in the past few years, this crew isn't up to snuff, being middle of the road in pretty much every category against bottom of the barrel teams. On the other hand, Auburn is 8th in the nation in points scored and Top 10 in rushing, also against inferior teams. 
Advantage Auburn

On the offensive side of the ball, they rolled up 471 yards and no turnovers behind a very balanced attack. Waters, the KSU QB, rolled up a career best 138 yards and 2 TDs  on the ground, accounting for the majority of the rushing yards while Jones added another 75 yards and 2 TDs on 13 carries. Both averaged very respectable yards per carry (6.9 and 5.8, respectively). As expected, Lockett led the Cats in receiving with 136 yards on 6 catches including a 57 yarder, but no TDs. He continues to be one of the better performing receivers in the country, and far and away the leader on the team as the only legitimate target. Yet, Auburn has struggled mightily against single threat receiver teams in the last few years, specifically FSU's Benjamin, TAMU's Mike Evans, and Alabama's Amari Cooper. It seems they are incapable of matching up in man coverage against premier pass catchers. Additionally, Auburn has struggled with mobile QBs, though they have been able to stop them when it matters, a la Prescott at MSU and Manziel at TAMU. But, that has been the Tiger's MO in the past few years. They are porous between the 20s, but stand tall in the red zone. KSU's waters leads the team in rushing as well, tallying 37 and a half times the leading back...for 200 yards. He's going to run, and it's going to be up to the Auburn front 7 to stop it. And, that is something that has been a problem. As we stated earlier, the front four pass rush has not been consistent. Much of that has to do with the departure of Ford and the injury to Lawson, but that doesn't offer legitimate excuses when the job has to get done. We all expect big things from Gabe Wright, as we wrote about in "The Wright Time." Now, it's true that much of the opposing offensive lines strategy has been to limit his production. But, it's time for the rest of the front 4 to take up the slack, as we saw Adams start to do this past Saturday in the 2nd half. When you have to play the star in the box, you put a lot of pressure on the back end of the defense, which hasn't been very good. Nearly ever single CB and Safety have given up a major play...some more than 1. With Waters ability to run and Lockett being a home run threat on the outside, Auburn faces a double edged sword. 
Advantage KSU

As far as special teams go, it's obvious that KSU is capable of giving up special teams points, as it showed in Ames this past weekend. Auburn has one of the best all around special teams units. 
Big time advantage to Auburn

Let's break it down. 

1st Quarter
In 2013, Prescott ran amuck through the Auburn defense in the 1st quarter. Both Bo Wallace and Manziel moved the ball at will before tossing up 3 combined INTs. These QBs are all similar to what Waters will offer, specifically Prescott and Wallace. In all 3 of these games, they gave up points in the 1st Quarter. In 2 of the 3, they gave up TDs, though the did record a pick-6 in the 3rd game against Ole Miss. In 2014, they have given up a TD in both games in the 1st Quarter. Kansas State squeezes the line of scrimmage, forcing Marshall to keep the ball or throw it. The trends continue as a scripted first few series for KSU find success in the mixed QB run-pass game. Auburn is able to answer with a heavy dose of the run game. But, Marshall's streak of missing the early big play continues. Instead of a 14-10 lead, they have to punt from midfield during an offensive stall. 
Kansas leads 10-3

2nd Quarter
Kansas finds mixed success in the 2nd after a very good first quarter. Waters finds Lockett and moves the chains deep down the sidelines before stalling and forcing a field goal. Marshall finds a rhythm doing what he does best. He starts keeping the zone reads and picking up yards with his legs or finding Duke on crossing patterns. An impressive drive ensues and one of the Auburn backs takes it in.  I expect that slant and slant and go to Duke to be cleaned up from last week. Marshall hits Duke on one and he takes it to the house. Kansas State puts together a late second quarter drive and hit another field goal.
Auburn leads 17-16

3rd Quarter
It's about time for a kick-off return for a TD. If Auburn takes the opening kickoff of the 2nd half, it goes all the way. Grant or Louis shows off the jets and cashes in. If Kansas State gets the ball, they take advantage of busted coverage and keep a deep ball to connect. THEN Auburn returns the kickoff. The quarter ends with that.
Auburn leads 24-23

4th Quarter
Auburn's depth on the D-line takes over. Kansas State is stonewalled. Auburn adds two lengthy drives while running the ball, which add 14 points. I expect Marshall cashes in on a keeper and a tired KSU defense gets outrun to the corner by Grant on a buck sweep. Don't be surprised if Uzomah doesn't catch one instead of a running play. I can see Marshall hitting the edge and finding a wide open Uzomah. Additionally, the LBs from Kansas aren't versatile enough to stuff the inside zone runs and cover a sneaking Uzomah. Though he may not get a TD, expect him to get some catches at the very least.
Auburn wins 38-23

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy Football Week 2

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Well, week 1 is in the books. How did your fantasy team fare? Well, mine was great...and terrible. See, I won my week one matchups (both my real team, and my Ghostman team...more on that later). Except that I had to face my wife in week 1. And, she lost. So, I lost. 

For a rundown on my team, see last weeks post here

I started Bo Wallace. It was a down-to-the-wire decision for me. Ole Miss has been pushing Wallace for Heisman. And, anytime does that, they make sure they put the player in a position to pad the stats. Enter Boise State...not the team of yesteryear, for sure. Despite having Shane Carden, one of the biggest arms in the country, I threw Wallace out there. After all, we couldn't see another Wallace meltdown, right? Well, 3 picks in the first half later and I was starting to sweat. Sure enough, Wallace had an epic 4th quarter and went on to throw 4 TDs and 387 yards, yielding 37 points. What's better is he tossed one to Treadwell, one of my starting receivers. So, the double up worked and it yielded 54 points. 

Despite being the player with "the best offseason on the team", Speed Noil turned out to be a bust in week 1. Impressive, considering his QB went on to torch Johnny Fooseballs records. So, he threw to everyone...but my player. 

Storm Woods proved fruitfull against Portland State. Though he didn't have a rushing TD, he did record 125 yards and cashed in on a pass. 

Abdullah did what he does best. He racked up 232 rushing yards. And...only 1TD. Which, if you recall, was my gripe about him. I don't understand how a player can carry the ball like he does and not get TDs. But, he did get me 33 points. 

Engram, my tight end, recorded 41 yards of receptions and no TDs. But, it's a tight end. You can't keep a guy like him on the bench. 

Auburn's defense game up points, but managed to score their own...recording a pick 6. 

So, what's up this week?

Wallace against Vandy? Yep. 

Abdullah against McNeese? May not play the whole game. And, it's risky just how much he WILL play. It's a gamble I have to take.

Storm Woods against Hawaii? Heck yes. Fantasy football delight in Corvallis! 

Will Florida play this week? We sure hope so! I was hoping to get a good read on how Taylor was going to be used by the revamped Gator offense. I guess Eastern Michigan is a good place to see. 

I drafted a new player who will start this week in Taywan Taylore from Western Kentucky. Why? Well, how does 12 catches for 185 yards and a TD against Bowling Green? Next up? Illinois. It's a gamble, sure. But, I feel good about the Treadwell/Wallace duo against Vandy.

I am sticking with Engram at TE, though I have Auburn's Uzomah...who I feel like will cash in against San Jose State. He was robbed last week against the Hogs. He was in, but Auburn lined up and punched it in before the review. He will develop into a weapon...I'm just not ready to start him quite yet. When Auburn gets into SEC competition...look out.
Auburn against San Jose State. It's risky. San Jose could easily pile up yardage. But, we have seen spread teams blank against SEC competition just as often. Bray/Grant/Co are ready for a special teams TD and the Auburn defense already has a pick six.