Monday, September 26, 2011

The day I almost died (again) and how not to eat sushi

So, this fishing trip actually happened a few months ago, but I have been sitting on the pictures for it for some time. Now I have them on my computer and figured it was time to tell about it.

Bertus and I decided to head to Williamsport Tn to our bit of land and Ole Humphrey lake. After the 90 minute car ride, I hopped out to unlock the gate. As I pushed the gate open, I really ticked off the wasp/hornet. It was one of those all black ones.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye, but didn't pay it much attention. That is, until it stung me. Right on the hand.

It hurt real bad, but I got over it and we got to fishing. It was a hot day and we started sweating it.
Of course we noticed the duck weed buildup.

I read not to long ago about how this super algea is terrific for lakes. Sure, it covers the whole lake. It makes throwing topwater nearly impossible. But, it's mana for baitfish. Which makes good eating baitish for the bass. One of the things I had been worried about the last few years was a baitfish kill-off, due to a leak in the lake. We have attempted to fix the leak several times, and each time we had to draw the water down and let the affected area dry out. Since there are 4 baitfish spawns a year, there is a good chance that it affected them. Also, we dug out a lot of stumps and rocks, all which provide cover for baitfish. Bass don't think about preserving their food stock. They just eat and eat. Because of this, the size of the average fish dropped. To combat this, I started sinking things in the lake to help.

We started catching them pretty good. After one of the catches, I looked down its gullet it and saw this

That's right. Baitfish in the gullet. Good.

I handed the fish to Bertus to show him. As he got a closer look, the fish hocked the proverbial ultimate luggie into his mouth and down his throat. Uh huh. Half digested minnows. All up in his mouth. Yum. He turned green. I can't blame him.

The day was tough, the sun was high. But we caught many fish, including a lot of fish by flipping into sycamore limbs in the water.

Now. How did I almost die? Well, you remember the bee sting? Well, the next day, the family and I took off for Florida. I went to sleep that night and the hand was a little swollen. But when I woke up, I had a "Hulk Hand."
I started dosing myself with benadryl. As a result, I slept the ENTIRE way down to the beach. When we arrived, the swelling was getting worse, so I called my cousin who is a doctor. She prescribed Claritin and zantac. No biggie, right?

As we sat down to dinner, I ordered a round of raw oysters. About 6 into the tray, I felt flush. My throat constricted. Am I having an allergic reaction to shell fish? The worlds most common allergy other than pollen? Could the EMTs get here on time? Am I going to die? Over and over, in my head.

Not being one to complain much, I finally spoke up and said something. Which caught the immediate attention of my family, who knows I don't complain about physical problems. If I complained, it must REALLY be bad. And I thought it was bad. I thought I was going to die. Right there. In Florida Seafood.

Well, it turns out that benadryl and claritin don't play well together. So, I lived. But it was sketchy.