Monday, August 4, 2014

Product Review for PowerTeam Lures' Performance Wicking Shirts

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I have to admit that it took me a long time to come around to the idea of wearing a long-sleeve shirt in the heat. It just didn't make much sense.

I started to come around last year during our annual beach trip. Having learned my lesson about not wearing a rash guard while surfing, I went out and bought me a cheap rash guard, which was made of performance wicking material. I was amazed and how cool it kept me in hot weather. I started wearing it to softball and even while fishing. The problem was that I was still getting sunburned on my arms. My family has a history of cancer due to the sun, and I was getting fed up with my wife telling me about it.

My fishing partner had recently purchased a shirt from another brand of long sleeve performance wicking, and he loved it. Well, he loved everything but the price, which I could understand since the other brands want $50 or more per shirt.

Then, one day, I received an email saying that PowerTeam Lures would be carrying their own line of performance wicking shirts. Intrigued, I check them out. 3 colors, all that look terrific: Crush, Silver Bullet, and The Royal. I don't care for any light colored shirts, since they reflect the sun back into your face. Being an Auburn fan, I loved both the Crush and The Royal. Additionally, instead of the $50 price tag, they came in at $32.99. So, I picked up 2!

I wore mine the day I received it. It was a Thursday Night Wildcat tournament. It was ridiculously hot, but as soon as I donned the shirt, I knew the money was well spent. I stayed cool and dry. It didn't hurt that it brought us luck as we won 2nd and Big Fish!

I have worn this shirt in several different situations. A few weeks back, I fished a rainstorm with it while at Wilson Lake. When the rain stopped, it was easy to wring out.

I have worn it in some oppressive heat and intense sunshine. It keeps me cool and prevents sunburns!

Now I am hooked on wearing one. It doesn't stain. It does the job just as it says, and it looks terrific. I love the logo down the arms and on the back. It has just enough flash! I am actually about to order several more. It comes in sizes from small all the way to 3XL. They even come in women's sizes!

Here are the specs from PTL:

These awesome Cooling Performance Long Sleeve Crews not only look cool, but they keep you cool while you're looking cool. Pretty cool right? If you don't want your skin exposed to the wicked summer sun, your PTL prayers have been answered!

* Moisture wicking (pulls the sweat off your body)
* Stain release (just in case you like to wear your lunch just as much as you like to eat it)
* Odor resistant (for those of you who don't realize how stinky you really are)
* 100% Polyester Interlock material with an ultra-tight knit to resist snagging (just a flat out cool detail!)

Fantastic product at a fraction of the price of the big names.