Monday, May 18, 2015

Fishing Report for Wheeler/Ingall's Harbor

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So, Sundays are generally softball Sundays. We have played in a variety of leagues on Sunday afternoons, but we are playing in a relatively new league. And, it's been difficult. We have had some last minute cancellations, teams that haven't bothered to show up, etc. That's really aggravating when you plan your whole day (and your 3 kids' days) around it. And, we aren't the only family on our team that does the same thing. 

Once again, we were loading up the car when we happened to look on the league's Facebook page to see that games were canceled. No emails. No phone calls. Just a random update that would have gone completely missed had Josh not texted me to ask if we were going to play. 

No. I guess we aren't. We had expected as much, as it had rained all day and all night the day before. 

He had ulterior motives. He wanted to go flipping. I was in. We headed to Decatur to see if we could find the same fish we found this time  last year(well, not QUITE this time last year, but close) in the PEO Aviation Tournament. You can read about that event and see the video of our 2nd place finish in the link below. 

Fishing Report for Wheeler/ Army PEO Org 2nd Annual Bass Classic

So, at 3PM we were on the water out of Ingall's and headed to the flats. We hit the spot we hit last year and did a very thorough job with no hits. 

I abandoned the flipping and threw a frog. The only hit I had was from some gar. 

With some very nasty weather moving in, we decided to head back to the ramp until it passed. 

Along the way, we graphed some rock piles and ledges with Josh's new Lowerance Elite 7. I am no expert, by any stretch, but I have learned a little, so we put it to use. I applied many of the same theories I used in this previous post about dialing them in, which you can check out here:

The rain held us at bay for about an hour, so we played Clash of Clans and discussed, among other things, a guys trip to Logan-Martin to learn the lake better than we had. We have learned a lot in our few trips down there, specifically fishing off-shore structure. We have a contact who wants to show us some shallow water things that could make us particularly deadly in tournaments. 

Additionally, we discussed some up-coming Ditto Wildcats...what we did wrong and what we did right this past Thursday. You can read that report below. 

When the rain slacked, we headed back out. This time we decided to idle over the ledges and see what we could see. 

Well, we saw a lot. As we idled around 2 miles of ledges, we noticed 4 particular spots that featured some sort of structure and held fish. However, only 1 had a plethora of fish. And I mean....LOTS of fish. We didn't think they were all bass, as they were suspended in the channel, but there were a lot sitting right above stumps and rock piles which SHOULD be bass.

We busted out the worms because there was ZERO current and we didn't think a crankbait bite would be there. I did have one nibble on a shakey head, but no takers. We KNEW they were there, and that chances were that it was white bass. But, that was ok. We would be happy to catch them too! 

Imagine my surprise when I tossed out a Spro Little John DD and a nice 2 pound fish latched on. I was so surprised that I didn't have the GoPro on....naturally. 

But, we boated the fish and I got the camera turned on. Turns out, the fish were the same way! We caught 4 fish on 4 casts before the initial flurry died. But for the next hour we caught a mixture of bass, white bass, and drum. The most interesting was a fish that must have watched me get hung on a stump. As I popped it free, it attacked the lure. 

We caught around 5 largemouth, all on cranks. Another 10 or more white bass and 2 drums. Half were caught on spoons and the other half on cranks. If the current had been on, we would have caught something every cast. The white bass weren't really aggressive as normal and I had followers on every cast, despite the retrieve or crankbait color. 

It was a fun day!