Friday, May 26, 2017

Fishing Report for Wheeler/Ditto Landing Wildcat 5/25/17

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These posts are always the hardest to make. Oh, you know, the ones where you admit that you don't know what you are doing and you can't catch fish? Yep. Those.

The good news for yall is, this will be relatively short. 

With both the boys done with baseball, my Thursdays have freed up. Ok, so I have to admit that they really aren't freed up. In order for me to be freed up, my wife has to make them all to my daughters softball practices in Athens. I'm sure that is a bit of a headache, so allow me to thank her publicly (doubtful that she will read this). 

Josh had asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to start fishing the Ditto wildcats again. Well, heck yea! What's better than a Thursday night fishing trip for a few hours? Well, I guess the answer would be a "thursday night catching trip", but I digress.

We were both really hungry to do well because we had done so well in this tournament for two years when we had just started out fishing but have been unable to do anything in the past five years. 

So, we met up with the boys, paid our entry fee, and blasted off. We had decided that the relatively high flow (50,000 CFS) would be perfect for a dam bite, so we made the trip. We started just downriver of the dam to fish some creek points. Wouldn't you know it, we caught a three pounder within the first five minutes. 

Of course, the old brain started recalling how these tournaments typically go: you either catch a big one quick and spend the rest of the time just trying to find four more OR you catch a ton of short fish and spend all night looking for that kicker. Rarely do the two options combine. When they do, you typically win. However, I would take my chances with the former any day. 

Of course, the evening shaped up just as expected. While Josh could get occasional bites on topwater, none hooked up. He lost one at the boat on a crank. Meanwhile, I had one single bite all evening, which did make it to the boat. It came on a swimjig backed by a PTL Swinging Hammer swimbait. We had two fish for around five pounds. 

We hopped around between the dam, the wingwalls, the rip-rap, and some nearby points but simply could not get bit, even though I spent the vast majority of the time finessing a PTL 7" Tickler on a shakey head. The only thing I managed to do was get hung up and lose about five. 

In the end, we had just the two fish and, to be frank, that was about one keeper away from a check. There was a solid 12 pound sack of mixed brownies and bucket heads (though I believe they only had four fish?) and little else in the way of good bags. I believe second was seven and change. 

However, it isn't nearly as bad as it sounds...though it was pretty bad. We had a good day. We didn't lose any expensive lures and we got to hang out with some good dudes.