Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2010 Custom Rods

Thought I would share some info on my first crack at custom rods and lures. When I first started getting serious about bass fishing, I had a friend who made custom rods. These are customized in both aesthetic, ergonomic and in function. Let me tell you something, folks, if you have ever tried to use a rod for a method it isn't made know what I am talking about. It won't cast right. It won't fight fish for you. The back bone isn't in the right place and causes it to fold up on hook sets. It isn't long enough. The list goes on and on. Have a rod made for your specs....for your method...and you will know. When he quit making them for me, I started buying store bought rods. Part of me rejoiced, since the mid range of rods are about 120 dollars, which beats the price  I was paying for custom rods. However, I found that there were issues with store bought rods. They didn't last NEARLY as long. Now, they DID have a warranty, but its like any other warranty you've ever used. And, just because it says that it is a spinner bait rod, doesn't mean it works the way it should with your way of fishing your spinnerbait. I looked and looked. bought cheap rods and expensive rods, but I couldn't get them to do what I wanted them to do. So, what could I do? Could I build my own?

I admit that I am not an artsy guy. Handcrafting isn't my thing. Heck, I can't even draw! My dad is the wood worker and I just didn't get those genes. But, better to try and fail than to not try at all. So, I ordered equipment to make 3 rods. One 6 foot multipurpose rod for alyse, and two heavier rods. Both of the latter would be made with high end guides and reel seats. I wanted them to be pretty, functional, and say something about me. First one, the short 6 footer wasn't great. It works. It catches fish. But it isn't that pretty and I made a lot of mistakes. My finishing work sucked. But at least I showed some artistic ability.

I built the second one for my dad as a frog rod. It turned out about the same. same finishing problems, etc. I was about to give up, but I did some research and found that I just wasn't taking my time. So, on the third attempt, I showed GREAT improvement.

I currently use this as a swimbait rod. It is 7''6', med heavy. It has proper backbone placement, spiral wrapped guides. It cost about 150 dollars to build. Terrific rods. You will not find anything at a store that is comparable to a custom rod.

I ordered another batch of material to make fiberglass cranking rods.  I will post updates to that.

If you are interested in having one made, please contact me.