Monday, March 28, 2011

Daddy always wins: Part1

Last Sunday, we (mom/dad, wife/kids, Josh/Emily) decided to go to Columbia...well....Sante Fe....and fish the afternoon away. Couldn't have picked a prettier day! We loaded a couple of cars, left Church and grabbed Subway, then hit the road. An hour and a half later, we were casting lines!
I probably haven't said it before, but growing up on this lake, dad taught me only one way to fish. we thew a weightless twirl tail worm. When I started getting serious about my fishing, I had a very large learning curve (of which I am still at the bottom). While I went one direction, trying to learn to do it all, dad went the other way. He will throw different baits, but 99% of the time, he will throw some sort of plastic. He LOVES his lizards! He will throw them anytime, in any weather, at any place. I'm not saying I catch more fish than he...but I feel like I know enough to get fish in any situation.

So, we start fishing. I think I threw a crankbait for awhile, then a spinner bait. I wanted to try out my swimbait rod I built, so I starting throwing a money minnow. Caught me a little one on it. BTW, if you want custom rods, I know a guy who builds quality pieces....LOL
But that was it. Not another fish. But dad caught one. Then another. Then another. On, what else? A lizard. That's great. I thought. Good for dad. Stubbornly I kept throwing my power baits, to no avail. Josh eventually got tired of doing the same thing, picked up a lizard, and started catching fish. Good for Josh. They are catching a few fish. I will catch a lunker and show them how its done. The day wore on and I didn't catch any fish. But the other guys, while slow, were still getting bit and catching fish. Pride finally wore on me, and I went to get a lizard. No lizards. Only a couple of jigs. I HATE jigs. HATE THEM! But catching fish on a hated lure is better than catching nothing! I did end up catching some fish on a jog, bringing my total of jig fish to 4. LOL! I don't know how many fish dad caught, but it was a bunch. You know how it is. As much as you try, you will never be as good as daddy!