Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fishing Report for Ditto Landing/Tennesee River

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This week hadn't looked favorable to do any fishing, so when an opportunity presented itself,  I had to jump on it. Yesterday afternoon looked like the best chance I was going to get so I used the Army Rec area ramp. There was some sort of party going on! Loud (but good) music, softball games, and beer drinking. It looked to be so much fun that, despite not catching ANY fish around the ramp, I fished for the better part of two hours waiting for my friend TJ to meet up with me.

In the meantime, I got to experience how the boat preforms without another person in the boat. It shows that I am just not ready for a fast boat! 60 miles an hour sure felt fast and I had to actually DRIVE the boat.

When he arrived, we headed up river to Butler. The water was low and there wasn't any current. The little trees on the banks which were submerged a week ago were now 2 feet out of the water. With the bad wind, the cold weather, and the dropped water level, I figured it would be tough. I didn't expect to get stone walled, though! I alternated between a new bait, the Xcaliber square bill:

and the lucky craft sammy:
Not a bite!

After about 20 minutes, my good friend Bertus called me. He was at the Ditto Landing marina and wanted me to pick him up. So, we obliged. I was excited to see him in action, as he just has IT. He says its just time on the water, but the guy just has the knack.

The first place we tried was the lower end of hobs island. It has a long submerged point. We threw Carolina rigged Zoom Brush hogs:

If you know me, you know that I can't STAND throwing plastics...or any finesse baits. I am too impatient!

On pretty much his first cast, he pulled a fish! Watching him is so much fun. He can feel bites that I never would. The fish would literally follow the bait for 30-40 yards to the boat, all while biting it. He would drag it on the bottom underneath the boat, enticing them until they ate it. Try as I might, I could get a fish to hit or discern bites from dragging across rocks.

He caught 2 or 3 while TJ and I struck out. He headed up river to Butler, positioning the boat on the eddy line. We noticed that they had started pulling SOME current. We would throw into Butler, dragging it back out to the main channel. TJ and I finally caught some fish, though I can't admit to catching any numbers. I think Bertus caught around 10 mile TJ and I fought to get 5 between us! That wasn't to say the fish weren't biting, because they were. They would pick the bait up, move it, but wouldn't eat it, which is worse than not getting bites at all! All the fish we caught were small, with only a few that would even measure.

The best fish I saw all day came from when I was swapping the boat around to reposition it. I looked down at the water next to the boat and a 5 pounder was sitting there looking at me!