Monday, May 9, 2011

Humphrey Lake, April 30th 2011

It had been a couple of LONG days after the brutal tornado. It was the Sunday after the storms, and dad, Josh, and I needed to get out. Dad is now obsessed with turkey hunting, and old Humphrey lake is COVERED with them. Since dad was going, Josh and I thought we would hitch a ride with him and get some fishing done.

It rained the entire way up there and the temperature had fallen significantly since the storms a few days before. I was willing to fish in the rain, and was prepared for it. Josh, however, had not thought about it raining and as I donned my Frog Togs, he was looking for garbage bags to wear! HAHA!

Since Luck favors the prepared, I was able to catch 7 fish on a top water Sammy, made my Lucky Craft, before Josh could get his line wet.

the rain pounded us from 8am until 10 or so. In that time I was able to catch over 20 fish, mostly on the sammy. Something about that lake and the rain makes those fish go NUTS for topwater. It didn't matter if it was tight to cover, in the grass, or open water. They would kill it! Big, small, it didn't matter! It was about time, too, because in the last year, that lake has been stonewalling me. I felt like this was the breakout that I needed.

After catching a ton of them on the Sammy, I swapped to my Chartruese swimbait.

However, I couldn't get a bite! It took me awhile to get them to hit it, but once they did! WOW! What I had to do was parrallel the shore and cast it RIGHT to cover and reel it along the shore. With the water being high, they would be burried in saw grass, or behind structure. You owuld see the chartruese swimbait get knocked sideways. It was terrific to watch! I used one swimbait and caught at least 7 on it before we were ready to leave.

My Granny had asked for a fish fry. For once, we had caught so many fish in both numbers and quality, that we had to throw small ones back as well as the larger ones, keeping those in the middle. We brought home 7 fish a little over 1 pound apiece, throwing back at least 5 over 2 pounds. For that lake, thats a decent fish. No BIG fish, but I will take a fun day in the rain ANYTIME!