Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Equipment Review for Duckett Rods

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***UPDATED 2/13***

I have owned the cranking rod for over a year. I have also owned several others. If you can get these through a club, they are a fantastic deal. This will normally run you up to $100, if you ask around. They are tough to beat for that price.

My only gripe, and pretty much every one's gripe, is that the cork butt will crack and fall off. Both of mine have done it, though I can repair rods. Most of the one's my friends have also have this problem. Otherwise, the rods are terrific and hold up.

***Original Post***

So, after playing with one, I decided that it was a good investment. I ordered the 7 foot medium heavy 'crankin stick. I paid the modest amount of money, and a few days later, it arrived. Josh had bought 2 rods at the same time. One was a flipping stick and the other was a multi purpose rod.

Here is the rod. Notice the detail! Split grips, micro guides...

I was amazed at the size of it. It's TINY! My other crankin stick are usually between 3/4 and 1 inch diameter ends. And heavy! This was so light and small. But, upon casting it, I saw where the weight went. I could feel EVERYTHING! I loved it.

However, both Josh and I have had the cork of the end caps break off. It didn't take long either. Maybe a month of use. That really stinks. They do have a good warranty policy. However, I just glued mine back on because I don't like to be without rods.

Over all, I am very pleased with it. The micro guides make it incredibly accurate. It's light weight and very sensitive.

This rod isn't very good for 3/4 ounce crankbaits, but it is perfect for smaller cranks such as a Strike King series 3, or any square bill crank.