Monday, October 24, 2011

Table Rock Lake

I guess it was Thanksgiving 2009 when Alyse and I were with our best friends Kevin and Beth in Bass Pro Nashville. We walked past this stand and some dude asks if we would like a FREE VACATION.

Well, yeah....

Short story, it was a Bass Pro promotion for their time shares (well, in conjunction with Blue Green). Which meant that I had to listen to a Time Share Speil. Go google Family Guy time share. That's what I expected. However, no one can convince me to do anything....except my wife. Whom I love and adore.

So, the fam plus my mom made the drive to Big Cedar Lodge. Right on the water. Awesome absolutely beautiful.

The best part, to me, was that they maintained a mini bass pro shop on the water, where you could rent Bass Trackers. So, for a RELATIVELY low cost, I rented a boat for about 4 hours. Not being very prepared, I just took off in the aluminum boat as fast as the 90 horse motor would take me. The first spot I found was a major river point with submerged timber. Several of the tree tops were above water and others were mere feet below the surface.

 I began throwing a C-rig but hung up too many times. I swapped to a Strike King 6XD deep diving crank in Sexy Shad
After working it, I was rewarded!

That proved to be a good spot. Regardless, not having much time, I took off in search of another place. To be honest, I can't remember where it was. But, it was a shallow flat, which is rare on that lake. I was throwing a War Eagle 1/2 ounce spinner bait in blue herring.

It was not a bad trip. Good fish. Short 2 hour trip.

So, I was fortunate enough to come back last week (Oct 16th). Dad and I rented another Bass Tracker. I took him to the same spot. However, 30mph winds and high skies made it impossible to fish. But, with me running the trolling motor, we were still able to catch fish! This on a Zoom magnum lizard.

Not much else to say, other than we had a blast and Table Rock has been another lake that is good to me.