Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Yum "Yumbrella" Alabama Rig

As EVERYONE that knows anything about bass fishing is well aware, the Alabama Rig has taken the world by storm. Paul Ellias put up incredible nnumbers on an otherwise tough week on Guntersville some months back. I know this, because I fished it those few days and it was tough. He didn't even have the fish the last day.

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A week later, every boat you saw on the water was throwing this guy:

Suddenly a lure which had been around for years and most assumed was a gimic was in short supply. I didn't rush out and get one. Quite the contrary. I laughed it off and openly wished it would be banned.

I fished with partners who used it a lot. I guess I was bad luck because I only saw one fish caught on it, despite what all the fishing reports had been saying. Yet, they sang it's praises and part of me thought it was like "The Truman Show". There was just NO WAY this thing was catching the fish everyone said it would.

So, I was at Dick's one day, and guess what...Mann's was marketing their own as was Yum. For the low low price of $29.99 you too could have one. Add on to that $5 in hooks and $10 in swim baits and you were in business! Well, it was pay I bought one, opting for the Yum.

I never really threw it the first few trips. Friday before the NATA, nothing seemed to be working so I thought I would try it out. I located some suspending fish, positioned the boat, let it sink to the depth and reeled it in. BAM! They would nail it!

The next day that the NATA Open, late in the day, my partner Josh started throwing it. We culled up 3 times in less than an hour to 18.6 pounds. both of us caught multiple fish on it.

Of course, my main concern with this lure is the over all weight. If you put weighted hooks on it, it can easily get up to 3 ounces. That will wear on you.

Almost every 3rd cast you will foul it up someway. Whether the baits get tangled or even the whole lure get's wrapped up.

I cannot see how 3 ounces hitting the water doesn't drive every fish within 100 yards away. But Josh and I got to thinking about it. We think the sudden splash, plus a wad of bait swimming quickly away my simulate a feeding frenzy.

I will say this. It is a versatile bait. I have caught fish deep. I have caught fish shallow. I have bumped it off the bottom in 20 feet and I have BURNED it in 3 feet. You just have to know how they want it.

you better have at least a 7 foot med heavy. In fact, do yourself a favor and get a 7 to 7''3' X-heavy.

Throw it on NOT LESS than 50lb BRAID.

Despite my reservations, it catches fish. My only hang up is just how high the dollar per fish is with it. But you can't look at that. All fishing is, is a money put anyway.