Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Humphrey Lake Reunion/Humphrey Lake Update

I guess it's been awhile since I updated everyone on the status of our little lake. Rightfully so, I guess...since I haven't been up there is (gasp) almost a year!

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We had Griffin's preschool graduation Friday night so we didn't get to go camping and enjoy the extra time with the fam. Luckily, my parents and oldest child Aubree did.

But, come Saturday morning, I was able to motivate Griffin by telling him we were going fishing! He, of course, thought we were going in the "big boat" and when I told him we were going to Humphrey lake, he was discouraged. So, I dropped it and we hit the road.

We made it about an hour early. So, what else should I do in my nice dress shirt and clean khaki shorts but to tromp in the mud and fish.

Now, here is the kinda sad part. The repairs that we made last year didn't really repair the lake at all. The leak is back and pretty much just as bad. If we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck. Right?

Between the relative low levels than what we had seen in the winter and spring, and the lack of faith I have in Mother Nature's ability to restock so quickly, I didn't expect to catch anything.

But, dad told me he had been catching fish pretty good. So, I had hope.

Even if we didn't catch a thing, I have REALLY been trying to get Aubree up to speed on fishing. At age 8, I was yanking them out of this lake left and right. I also wanted to help my mom continue to catch bass, as lately she has shown great interest in it. My wife, though pretty experienced, wanted to learn how to throw top water baits.

So, before everyone was even out of the car, I was already wetting a line. Sure enough, they were MUNCHING on the PowerTeam Lures Sick Stick. I caught several and let Gavin experience it before I put the rod down. Check out this vid!

It didn't take long for the rest of the family to get in on the action as my mom jerked out a nice Humphrey Lake fish! Alyse had her first frog hit and Aubree lost several fish of her own. Everyone needs to develop their hook sets!

Anyway, on to the lake. Well, I already said the repairs have failed. But, the bait fish...shad, shell cracker, and bream, were better than I have seen. Maybe ever! I think the decrease in the bass population, plus a stable, albeit low, water level helped tremendously. Also, the grass and cover that grew while the level was way down during the drain surely helped.

So, I am sad that our money and work didn't pay off. But, it appears that the lake is at a viable level.

The Humphrey Lake Corporation voted to leave "as-is" for right now. That will help us save up more money for further repairs as well as give us time to enjoy the lake.

We had a GREAT reunion at the Water Valley Community Center. it's great to reunite with a family spread from here to Kansas to Minnesota! Check out these pics my awesome dad took!