Thursday, October 4, 2012

Humphrey Lake Repairs Part 3

No news is good news, right?

Well, there is a LITTLE news. The lake is slowly filling up. Word is that at least SOME fish made it through the drain. Now, I take that with a BIG grain of salt. Even if a healthy number of bait fish AND bass made it, it would take a long time to repopulate the lake. Worst case, the bass will continue to ravage the bait fish population. As I understand it, we will wait until this summer to make sure the lake level will maintain itself..I.E. No Leak. Then, we will explore restocking. Unlike Alabama, the Tennessee wildlife peeps don't stock for free. Sucks. But, we will do whatever it takes.

Next item of business...address the issue that I believed plagued this cover in the middle. As you can see, there is NO structure aside from around the edges. That makes for woeful water use efficiency. We want the lake to be productive at all points. Not just around the bank. Makes for better fishing, sure, but also for the well being of the fish in the lake.  I have some ideas....