Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Product Review for Metalloid Gun Green Oil and Metcore

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I was very fortunate that, despite the government shutdown that sent me home, people were trying to keep me busy. Alas, I did so...splitting time between being a house husband, fishing, and several projects like the one I am about to tell you about.

Neil Borucki, a technical sales rep from Metalloid sent me some products that he thought I would like.Knowing my love for firearms, my desire to keep them looking good and operating smoothly,as well as the issues in performance I have experienced with some of my firearms, he dropped off bottles of Metcor and Gun Green Oil. Metalloid is a company that specializes in metalworking lubricants. In particular, they have a line of firearm cleaning and preserving chemicals. Neil shared some of the reviews he had received on the products. I read the following one and it really made me raise an eyebrow:

"I had something interesting happen to me about a week ago. I have been using Metcore 57 to clean my guns for about 6 months.  I was shooting at a gun range in Arkansas and had trouble with my front sight on my Glock 40 cal. After shooting about 100 rounds I went back to a table away from the range and disassembled my handgun while it was still very warm (hot). As I removed the slide, barrel, main spring I noticed inside area of my weapon that I had applied Metcor 57 that the gun had a very thin liquid level of lube on all areas that had affected the heat. As I was removing my front site with a tool  what was wet on the barrel and slide cooled off and the liquid micro film that I could see dried back to the dull sheen being completely dry to touch in front of my eyes.  It was the coolest thing that I have ever seen.  The lube appeared to be at a micro film level. My Glock is operating even smoother / faster with the Metcor than with the conventional products that I have used for years. I believe that that micro level of wet lube while operating is improving the rounds feeding from the clip and the brass ejecting. It powerful as I talk to customers about this in a personal experience level.

Typically with the other cleaning / lube products I have used the cleaner / gun oil  dried the barrel and ramp significantly and actually made it less reliable  to feed the rounds into the chamber and eject  especially with aluminum and steel jacket products. My 3 guns did not like non brass ammunition before the Metcore but has significantly improved the performance to shoot all available ammunition."

 I was skeptical because it always seemed that the harsher the chemical, the better it cleaned. And improved performance? Hmmm...But, I was intrigued by what the product offered that many do not. No harsh or lingering scents and it's relatively harmless on the environment. So, I gave it a try on two different firearms. Here is the product sheets.

I decided to try out the Gun Green Oil and Metcor 57 first on a Smith & Wesson SD9 9mm. This gun is relatively new to me and had been shot several times. But, I wasn't really happy with the accuracy or the precision. I had told Neil about his, and he had sent me a few reviews from other people who had  used both products to both clean, preserve, and enhance the performance of their firearms. So, I disassembled the gun and cleaned it as I would with typical solvents and oils. 

After cleaning the S&W, I moved on to cleaning a gun that has had several hundred rounds put through it between cleaning. I pulled out my Ruger 10/22. I have been shooting a mixture of good CCI ammo as well as some older and much dirtier ammo.

My thoughts on the product? I was fairly amazed.

The first thing that ANYONE will notice is that the two cleaners do not have a harsh odor. In fact, they don't have an odor at all. So, not only will you not give yourself a headache and you won't have your wife complaining about smelling up the house, but you hunters won't have to worry about game picking up on the stench.

A little goes a long way. It was nice not to have to continually swap out cleaning patches or dabbing more oil on to a cloth.  I was able to clean the 10/22 with 4 patches total, and could have quit with only 3. I cleaned both guns with one drop of Gun Green Oil on a cleaning patch. Both guns had incredible luster that lasts.

Additionally, the guns didn't have to be coated in oil to have a nice sheen. I was able to set them down and handle them without getting oil everywhere. Additionally, it was easy to clean up my work area.

Another beauty of these products are their packaging. Because of their bang for the buck ability, you only need their 4oz small spray bottle. After being out in the woods or on the range, simply wipe down the gun, spray the bore, and store it away!

The action of both firearms was improved with the use of gun green oil.

I have been very impressed. This is a fantastic option for gun cleaning and maintenance. After using it, I would be hard pressed to go back to using traditional solvents and oils.  I see no real benefit to using the latter. Check back in a few months. I plan on running several hundred rounds through each gun and then comparing! For more info or for ordering, email Neil at