Thursday, October 31, 2013

Product Review for Custom Killer Grips "Dragon Scales" 1911 Grips

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I have had my 1911 for almost 8 years, but after being my carry gun for a long time, it was showing it's age. In particular, it was getting scuffed, I lost the rear site, and the grips were getting worn. 1911s are highly sought after, especially one that is a relative high dollar gun such as mine.  I decided to start carrying a smaller gun that I didn't quite care so much about. So, I have swapped to the Taurus PT145 Milineium Pro .45 caliber and stored the 1911.

But, few handguns are as fun to shoot as the 1911 and every time I rummaged through my locker for which guns I wanted to take to the arsenal, I passed over the 1911 because of the work it needed to get back into it's prime. I was almost embarrassed to take it.

Over the last few months, I have started to work a little more in-depth on my firearms. In particular, I wanted to both restore and enhance my 1911. I didn't want to get something as stereotypical as "Punisher" grips, so I came across these grips on Amazon. You can find them here.

According to the description:

"These grips are made from high-strength polymer. The grips have the aggressive "DRAGON SCALES" checkering/texture. Since these are polymer, they are SUPER DURABLE for the field & everyday carry. They are virtually indestructible! ...AND they give a touch of class to your firearm! You will not be disappointed! "

I had been watching them for months but couldn't quite pull the trigger on them. Finally, I decided it was time to get this gun back to where it should be, and make it customized and stylish. So, I purchased the grips. Unfortunately, the grips are not on Amazon Prime, so it took 5 days for me to receive them.

Just as advertised, they fit snugly and perfectly on my GI 1911. The texture does indeed enhance the grip. But, I noticed some of the "scales" weren't as crisp looking. I read the reviews, and one in particular noticed the same thing. So, I emailed the company to see what they had to say. Within an hour, I had my answer;

"These grips were hand-carved in wood before being cast/molded in polymer. The imperfections are actually part of the character of the design" 

Again, they fit excellent and they feel great. They also look terrific. An argument could be made that they could benefit from a gloss finish, but I like them this way. Additionally, finding out that the mold was hand-carved instead of computer designed is really cool. I like that the grips have character.

So, the fitment was great, shipping was adequate, the look is definitely custom and the customer service was excellent.