Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowmagedon 2014

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Every time a winter storm is on the horizon, I am always SOOOO excited. And then it gets here. And stays for 3 days.

Well, if you are from 'round these parts, you know that 2 of the 3 days weren't worth taking off of work. And those 2 days were painful. Every time the winter weather was poised to shut down the south, we waited. And waited. Man, did that make for some looonnngggg days.

I think I am now caught up on movies, thanks to Redbox. Alyse made the comment that we saved money on gas, but spent it all on movies! Here is Griffin and I watching "All is Lost"

But the snow finally arrived late Wednessday night! Even though it was cold and dark, Alyse and Aubree couldn't help themselves and made a snowman. She later tweeted the pic out, which cbrought a large following. I wonder why...

We braved the roads and drove the few miles to my family land, set on a small mountain side, to get some sledding in!

Growing up, my grandfather relished the snow, more importantly, sledding. It's probably because he never got to enjoy it as a kid, growing up in very rural Tennessee. I am sure those days were spent working extra hard to ensure livestock stayed fed and the human tenders stayed warm!

He was so excited that he called us early Thursday morning to see if we would come. He called 30 minutes later to see where we were!

We took turns sledding and riding on the back of a 50s era Buick hood pulled behind the 4-wheeler!

Check out the vid! And the pic of me making the vid!