Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best5Fish of 2013

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2013 was a.....different....year for fishing. I didn't catch any massive pigs, but I did learn a lot. I didn't get stumped much and I was able to drastically improve my repertoire. Along the way, I managed to get some good fish on video.

So go watch the vid.

Ok, so did you watch it? No, these aren't the biggest fish I caught all year, but they were the biggest I caught on video, along with help from some friends. Let me tell you trying to fish AND video isn't easy, as I learned this year. I videoed my very first catch way back in January, though it wasn't I that actually did the catching. It's right below.

And every since then, I have tried to get as much as I could on video, which you can find on my YouTube Channel

So, next time you criticize someone's fishing video for lack of fish or lack of size...whatever...realize that there is a TON of luck and a LOT of work to catching it live.  Anyway, I managed to get some great shots (I think) of some quality fish.

They aren't my favorites, which I will be posting later. I have some great bloopers and what not.

Anyway, here they are! Let me know what you think!

Fish 1: Josh's Flippin Fish
Josh has been semi successful with flipping where as I have yet to catch a decent fish flipping. We took this afternoon fishing trip the day before we left for Family Vacation 2013. We had only been fishing a few minutes, both of us dedicated to flipping grass, when he had a backlash. When he picked it out, this monster was waiting for him.

Fish 2: The 32 Pound Kicker
On what was easily the best day of the year, some friends and I were fishing Bama rigs around causeways. I was in the back videoing two other people and the bites were far and few in between for me. We had 4 solid fish including a couple of 7s. But, we needed one more 5+ fish to bust the 30 pound barrier. I was throwing the PowerTeam Lures 4.8" Swinging Hammer on a lead head against rip rap in 20 feet. I dredged up this nice fish, which was actually the smallest of the best 5 fish we caught that day.

Fish 3: Gator Bite
The day before the SNUFISH Tournament, John and I put together a SOLID 20 pound bag, but we were missing a kicker. We had given up and were actually on our way to troll into the ramp when I made a few casts with the PowerTeam Lures Gator. This bad boy CHOKED the gator and put us over 25 pounds for the day. It was my last cast of the day after catching a lot of quality fish.

The very next day in the very same spot I caught Gator Bite, I was again throwing the PTL Gator. On one of the first casts of the day, I stuck this 6.25 pound beast which gave me a heck of a fight. It is, to date, the biggest fish I have caught during a tournament.

Fish 5: Sammy
On perhaps my best over all day, I caught this toad on a Luck Craft top water bait. I bet I caught 50 fish that day between this trip with John and meeting up with BassWhacker later on. This guy ate the entire bait after smashing it. After this fish, I fished with Basswhacker where I learned how to ledge fish.