Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend 2014

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What a busy and fun packed weekend! Man.

So, I stepped off the plane in HSV Friday evening at around 5pm. I BOOKED it to Aubree's softball game, where we proceeded to lose. Again. Poor Aubree. She hits the ball 95% of the time, which few girls in the league can say that. But, she can't get it out of the infield. So, she ends up getting herself, or her teammates out. The team is getting better, slowly. The problem is, the other teams are getting better at a faster rate. But, we keep on chopping would, ya know. Try to get better.

And we gave that a try by waking up early Saturday morning and hitting IHOP before a long 3 hour practice. We are trying to teach the girls that you have to hit hard and run fast. None of them seem to grasp that concept. So, to fix that, we held a fun competition. Kinda like a punt pass and kick competition, but for softball. Aubree didn't win, but she had the 4th longest hit and ran about 4th. But, that's a pretty good average. And, she tries hard.

So, then it was on to gardening. I posted a nice update on our Best5Garden 2014. Go check that out.

My sister and brother in-law arrived into town, so we headed to my dad's place to enjoy an evening with them. My brother in-law just passed his PT exam AND got a job, so we had a lot to celebrate it. We did so in style with steak 'ems, which were Aubree's suggestion. I whipped up a nice glaze that featured Essence of Emmeril, our own local honey, balsamic vinegar, and butter.  As I marinated and glazed, dad turned on the grill. He turned it on high to cook off the last grillings meat. But, I took my time coming outside. When I opened up the lid, I nearly cooked my face off. The grill thermometer was pegged at 800 degrees! It was so hot that the paint was bubbling off the grill. But, it cooled down...eventually.
Boy, was it tasty.

Then, we had a friendly game of kickball. Well, we were friendly, but Griffin and Aubree were a BIT competitive. I am amazed that they didn't go to blows over the game.

Sunday, my mom wanted to head to our land in Tennessee and do some fishing. Yall know I was all about that. I forgot my phone, of course. So, I didn't get any pictures of the fishing. We fished for an hour without much luck, then headed to Papa Boudreaux's in Sante Fe. I'd love to spend the time to tell you about it,but take my word that it is probably the best Cajun food I have eaten. And, it's in the middle of nowhere in a cinder-block building that is MAYBE 50x30. I'd tell you the history, but I want you to go read about them for yourself. They have a very unique story, and the food is second to none.

I will, however, show you pictures of what we ate. Here is a pic of my mom and sister about to chow! Ttat's cheese grits and shrimp with fresh caught redfish on top.

Then, we got back to fishing. Luckily, the kids were more interested in the creek, so Alyse and I managed to get some time on the boat together. I gotta admit, she caught more than I did. The highlight came as she was retrieving a stick bait over a log. As she hopped it, it landed just on our side of the log and a bass obliterated it! It scared both of us with the vicious hit! But, she managed to get it in the boat, even though she never set the hook. Speaking of, we will be working on her hook set. I know I am one to talk....

Anyway, the kids got back from the creek and they were wiped out!
While they slept, I stopped at Baskin-Robbins in Columbia. I told Alyse that I would test her and see how well she knew me. She came back with a double scoop of Jamoca, which I used to get at that same store as a child.

We got home around dark. We were all beat, but we had the best time!