Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Product Review for Luhr Jensen Speed Trap

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My best friend Josh had used Speed Traps for years, but hadn't quite used them in some time. I had recalled him talking about them in the past, but to be honest, I didn't have the first clue of what they were. The night before the first tournament of 2014, he showed me what they were as we discussed the game plan for the MFC Open 2014.

To me, it looked like a fairly averaged square bill. Sure, the bill itself was dished and the eye was fastened to the nose of the bait rather than the bill. The profile of the bait was a little different than the other square bills I usually throw, sure.  It couldn't be THAT much different. Right?

Josh smoked me on the Speed Trap that day, catching 2 massive Guntersville bass and losing an even larger one, thanks to me.

We had a tournament the very next Saturday, the NATA Open 2014, so on Monday I ordered some from Amazon. Use the Amazon search on my sidebar to find them!

Product Details

  • The Speed Trap comes in two sizes: 1/4oz and 1/8oz. These baits travel 8ft and 5ft respectively. 
  • They come in a huge variety of colors and it is hard to go wrong on any of them.

  • I like the oversized eyes, which makes it easier to tie during cold weather, which is when I throw these the most. 
  • They cast extremely well for such a lightweight bait, but like all smaller baits, don't attempt to cast them into the wind. 
  • Because they float, you can use the "stop and go" method to bring them through cover. Additionally, you can always add ballast, if needed, to make them suspend. The ability to float is terrific in lakes with grass, as you can jerk the bait through grass and let it float above it. We have found this to be a killer retrieve. 
  • Of course, the name Speed Trap says it all: you can burn this bait and it will always run true. 
  • It's flat fronted bill gives the ability to deflect off cover while the curved plane gives it great depth and wobble
  • Difficult to find, locally
  • Bill is extremely fragile. Don't slap it on a cowl, rock, or even on the water and expect it to live. Always have spares. 
  • Amazon cost is over $10. Most online places are cheaper, but you still have to pay shipping.