Monday, July 7, 2014

The BFZ 4th of July Experience

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If you are lazy and want the low the vid above.

Last year, we had planned to have a GREAT party on the 4th. Skeet shooting, swimming, cart rides, fireworks, and great BBQ. Then it rained. All day.

We had planned on going to Florence on the 4th. But, the older kids went out of town at the last minute. And, with the kids gone, the family didn't care much about us coming....(I keeeed). So, we decided to scrounge our friends together and have a party. Of course, EVERYONE already had plans by the Tuesday before. Well, not everyone....

So, I spent all day Thursday running around procuring the necessities. I spent WAY too much money and that didn't include the first firework. But, it did include clay pigeons, shotshells, and a Boston butt, among other things.My wife posted on Facebook the following update:

"Zach told me he was going to buy fireworks today. Let me tell you how this is going to go down. Zach arrives at fireworks store. Zach sees prices. Zach imagines dollar bills exploding in the air. Zach doesn't buy fireworks. The end."

Well, that's certainly true. I would rather spend my money on other things that are cheaper and make bigger booms. (think about refers to both guns and food).

I spent that afternoon preparing the 20 pound butt by brining it for 8 hours, then giving it a dry rub. I also prepared my WOLD FAMOUS EOTWAWKI BBQ Sauce.

At 8AM, I was up stoking the coals and BBQ was on. Although I spent the next 4 hours by myself tending the coals......Don't mind me..I actually love BBQing...even if it's by myself. While I was bored, I picked the blueberry bushes, which Gavin proceeded to DESTROY. The blueberries paid him (and us) back 4-fold over the next 2 days with really awesome blueberry poop.

Eventually, everyone rolled in. We set up the skeet thrower and the several games of "Chumps" sprang up. I think I won one round and finished behind Rob two different times. The first couple of rounds would be fast until we were in the finals. We must have had 5-10 skeet sets before either of us won it. We shot cases of clay pigeons before moving on to slightly heavier artillery. The ARs, SKS, AKs, and all assortment of heavy caliber guns made appearances, including a S&W 500 with hotloads that nearly made a canoe of Neil's head.....
We shot a TON of rounds. As you can see. 
We played with the dogs and the chickens. 
And, then it was time to eat. I admit that I had underestimated the size of the crowd we ended up having, so I had to hit the grill to make some hamburgers! As I cooked, local comedian The Vizzini stole the show. I guess it's my fault for inviting him. But I am sure glad he brought his parents! Just kidding. I set him up for it and he came through giving us at least 1 good joke.
After the last hamburger was done, I headed over to the food trough, only to find that there was a spoonful of butt left. Well, beggars can't be I took what was left. The only thing that went faster than the butt was Rick's famout baked beans. Now, this man is a professional it was no wonder. I had no less than 20 people ask me if I made those beans. So, of course I said. "Why yes. Yes  I did."

Just kidding. I think he drummed up a lot of business. Heck, I might just have him do ALL the cooking next year! I assume the beans were good, as I didn't get any.

As the sun went down, we wanted to get some vids and pics of some fireball action. So, we got the AKs out and let them eat! Man, did we catch some nice fireballs on video.

Just when we thought things were slowing down, the swim trunks were donned and everyone hit the pool. As you can see in the vid, we made some waves! The fun hit a whole new level at that point. Even the dog got involved!

And then a firework finale! Check out the vid and pics!