Monday, December 21, 2015

Fishing Report for Pickwick 12/17/15

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After the decent trip that Brad and I had back on the last week of November, we decided to give ole Pickwick another try. In case you missed it, you can read about that trip by clicking the link below.

Fishing Report for Pickwick 11/25/15

We have heard from many Pickwick experts that the lake was just getting right for the winter smallie bite. But, on Thursday, we knew we had faced some potential issues. Rain had rolled in Wednesday night, then quickly moved out. While the rain would push the current to levels that were needed for a good smallmouth bite, the post-frontal conditions could hurt the bite. 

But, we figured the smallies were not as susceptible to those type of conditions and, besides, you gotta go when you can go. 

With Wilson dam pushing 100,000 CFS and at least half of the spillway gates open as well as decent cloud cover early, we figured we would do ok.

We pulled into the ramp and were amazed that there were ZERO trailers. 

We idled out to Jackson island and fished the drifts. We had no bites on a variety of baits including A-rigs. 

We moved to the rip-rap banks on the left side (facing the dam). Brad's A-rig was smashed by a fish and he wrestled aboard a 4 pound largemouth. 

Pretty quickly, as I was flipping wood with a PTL jig, I slammed the rod on a fish....who immediately began rolling. I eased a 15 pound drum to the boat and retrieved my jig. Brad also landed a drum on the A-rig.

Before we knew it, it was 10 AM and the clouds had all but scattered. 

Without getting another bite, we moved to the bluffs, where we had caught most of our fish on the last trip. 

We both tossed A-rigs, but we didn't get a bite. While Brad continued to throw the rig, I alternated between a square bill, a shaky head, and a jig. 

We covered hundreds of yards without a bite. 

As he was messing with the trolling motor, Brad had a series of hits on the A-rig, culminating in a slightly short smallies. 

Having learned something, he began dragging the A-rig. A few casts later, another largemouth took the bait. 

The problem was, neither of us wanted to drag our A-rigs along the bottom of the bluffs as they are extremely sticky. Case in point, I lost both of my A-rigs. 

We ended the day pretty early as the bite was too slow to justify fishing. 

Can't make them bite, right?