Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Non-catching report for Guntersville 8/19

When I set out on this blog, I made the title to reflect my goals. Honest story telling. If you are here to find where the fish are, you are wasting your time. HAHA!

I am planning on fishing the Spro frog tournament which is this weekend. It's a big tournament and I feel like we could have a legitimate shot. After all, many of the same people who fished the NATA open would be fishing this. Even though we didn't get a check for that tournament, we would get one in this tournament since they are paying out 20% of the places.

So, I felt like a little prefishing would go a long way to getting us a check. So far it's just cost me money.

3 weeks ago, we started prefishing. We fished Town Creek, Mud Creek, and Coon Creek. I had one hit on a frog and Josh got the same. We covered a lot of water and didn't find any grass mats that were popping. The only real action we saw was in Coon creek where the white bass were going nuts. It looked like God was shooting a shotgun into the water. They were just EXPLODING on the surface.

That wasn't unexpected. It was early for frog season. Heck, it still is!

With about 5 minutes of daylight left, Josh threw a big worm and bagged two fish. Then the sun set and we went in.

Out of curiosity, I watched the guide reports that week and...sure enough...fishing was tough. Looked like they were catching only a few a day. That doesn't make me feel any better about it. But, we thought...maybe we were just eliminating water. That's right....right?

This past Sunday, we hit the water again, this time around 3pm. We put in at Waterfront. We fished from Waterfront to Goose Pond. The first spot we stopped at was in Preston Island. I had a SOLID hit within the first 5 casts. Couldn't hook up. I tossed it back in and the fish lazily hit it again. That seemed like a good sign. If they come back at it again, maybe the bite was on!

Alas, that wasn't the case.

Rinse and Repeat.

We covered a lot of water. Found some talking mats. Even saw one of the weirdest things I have seen! We were fishing grass on the main river and we could hear some good popping and sucking. Every once in a while I could catch movement. little twigs of grass would stick out of the grass and blow in the breeze. Except they weren't grass. They were catfish whisker's!

Just like the trip before, Josh picked up a big worm and caught two on consecutive casts! Ug.

On the way out, he made a good joke.

"So, I guess you are just saving all your fish for the tournament? You're such a team player."

So there it is folks. It's fishing, not catching. Don't let anyone tell you differently. This lake is TOUGH!