Friday, August 31, 2012

What's in your Zombie Pack Part 2

Well's completed and ready to go. The last of the items that I needed have been added to the pack.
And boy, is it not so light. I am guessing it is a full 80 pounds or so. But, let's keep in mind what's in there.
-3 days of food
-4 30 round AR15 mags
-2 1911 8 round mags
-first aid kit
-field surgeon kit
-camp shovel
-big mag light
-tons of little other things.

 One thing I have discovered about this is, it's one thing to make your "laundry list" of things to put in your sack, but you have very finite limits, both in size and weight. I am a strong dude and humping this thing around isn't something that I am looking foward to. And that doesn't include the 1 pound of water that will be in my camelbak.

Like I had said in my previous have to establish priorities. No matter what your priority is amoung those 3 basic groups, they will be heavy and they will take up space. So, like I had said, I firmly believe that you can only split your pack between 2 of the 3 areas....and those 2 areas may lack critical items BECAUSE you split them.

So, I recieved a TON of good questions/comments...mostly from my fellow military friends and preppers. Some of them are humerous...but I just thought I would share
  1. Oh and keep a bible on you.. According to "The book of Eli" a bible will be worth more than gold after D-day... Cool
  2. Did anyone mention seeds for vegetable gardens? You can't live off of a meat only diet. Also a field guide to wild edible plants would be something that I would find very handy at a time like that. A field survival guide with tips on snares, traps, shelter, fire, etc would also be valuable
  3. In the event of a zombie apocalypse I'd do some good drugs, watch a sunset, smoke a fine cigar, drink a Dos Equis, and get a BJ while eating cheese....And save a bullet for myself and lady friend.
    Actually, I'm in Kansas.... Not even zombies want to be here. I'd be alive long after your all gone.....
  4. All I have purchased is ammunition...kill everyone in sight (long range and close range) and take their stuff...
  5. I got plenty of firearms and ammo. That's all I want or need.

    As you can see, I have a lot of friends that are funny and some that have their own ideas. Of course, as you can see, there is a common theme to many of them.....take as many weapons and ammo as you can. I just can't surbscribe to that theory. Mostly because I have a family, I guess, and more because guns attract attention. So, if all you have are guns...and you use them a are going to attract a lot of attention. That's not a good thing. Don't get me wrong. Firearms are a big part of my plan....but I am starting to realize that, just like the 3 basics of survival, there is more to protection than firearms...sounds like a good future topic!

    While I can certainly see the benefit of seeds, this is a bug out bag, not a live on bag. Seeds are deff part of my long term plan. The Bug out Bag is not. Now, I DO like the idea of the handbooks for finding and eating wild plants.

    Anyway, it's ready to go...although I will prob add things here and there. And...I plan on taking it camping this fall. Just it. Gotta see what all these MREs are all about!

    Will be back soon! Gotta good topic on blunt object weapons.