Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Equipment Review for Bass Pro Extreme spinning reel part 2

You may recall that I bought one of these earlier this year. I had not done really finesse fishing and needed to get up to speed on it. That's fairly hard to do when you don't own a spinning reel, so I bought one. I purchased it on January 31st 2012.

While my initial thoughts on it were that it was a terrific budget spinning reel, I have had to start rethinking that. Sometimes "budge" and "dependability/longevity" don't go well together. While it's true that this reel is great for entry level fishermen and/or those on a budget (who isn't, really), it would appear that it will not endure a lot of hard fishing.

I'd say that I have taken this reel out and used it in about 30 or so trips. It's caught a good number of fish. The rod and reel are both kept indoors when not in use and has been well taken care of.

However, about a month ago, I noticed that it wasn't acting as smooth as it had been. This weekend, it developed a severe binding issue in what I think is the gears.

Luckily, BPS has a 1-year warranty and it is going back to the shop for some work.

My other experience with the BPS Extreme series reels haven't been spectacular, either. That's in the next post.