Friday, August 9, 2013

Fishing Report for Guntersville 8/6/13

What better way to break the fishing drought than to get a second trip on the water in just a few short days. I guess sometimes that stars align for the better. If you recall, Josh and I were able to hit Guntersville up on the 2nd. You can read about the trip here: Fishing Report for Guntersville 8/2/13.

The day was decent. We caught a lot of fish, but measuring bass were hard to come by. Although Josh caught several nice fish, it took me literally until my last cast to land a measuring one.

I know I shouldn't complain about catching good numbers, but this year on Guntersville has been ridiculous for quality fish. Since I have been fishing this lake, "tough days" were usually those that I had 5 bites, but they were all 5+ pound fish. This year it's been short fish after short fish!

Not to spoil it for you, but this trip wasn't any different...though even the bites dropped off.

We hit the water in the mid-afternoon from Waterfront and jetted to a few spots without much luck. In fact, it probably took an hour to get my first bite. I was throwing several different baits including the PowerTeam Lures Hammershad and 10" Ribbon Hinge worm.
The Hammershad has been wildly successful for me. It's funny, because I bought it solely to drop shot for Pickwick Lake smallies, but haven't been able to fish there much this year. Instead, I have made it a hybrid bait...something between a topwater Sammy and a Fluke. 

I have gone through two pro-packs in the last 4 trips. That's about 50 baits. Luckily, they don't cost much for a big packs.

Anyway, I had some decent success working the Hammershad on top of the grass. The fish really can't stand the bait and normally never short strike it. In fact, at one point, I had a hit, worked the fish to halfway to the boat and it came off. But, two other fish were following it, and as I reeled  the bait to the boat, I looked down and two fish were staring at me. I lowered  the bait back down and BAM! They nailed it.

It was hilarious, and I have it on video!

As the evening approached, it seemed the fish moved out of the grass and became more active. I swapped to an H20 Xpress top water plug (the Sammy knockoff) and was able to get a fair amount of action with it. I fished it just outside the grass lines in areas directly adjacent to deep water. The boat was sitting in about 18 feet and I was casting to about 3.

Anyway, I caught about 10 fish and none of them measured. We caught about 15 total to the boat.