Friday, December 14, 2012

Product / Equipment Review for Taurus Millennium Pro PT145

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***Updated 9/25/13***
Up until recently, I had been conceal carrying a Springfield 1911. But, as you are probably aware, that's a big gun for a small guy to carry. So, I started looking into a compact .45. My reasons for wanting to stay with the .45, despite what I have said about Commonality, were that:

1)I had a LOT of .45 ammo bought
2)Can't beat the knockdown power at short range
3)It's a shooters caliber. It doesn't beat you to death and it isn't too loud

I was looking at high-cap guns, but couldn't afford what I REALLY wanted in either the Glock 30 or the Springfield XD45, both of which reach into the low $500s.

Having bought the Taurus TCP .380 and being fairly satisfied (see my review here), I started looking into the Millennium Pro .45. Price point was right....finding it on sale local for $355.

You can find info on the gun here.

I went and picked on up. Came with two mags. It, like the TCP is a fairly small gun. Easy to conceal, even for me. It is fairly lightweight, though not as light as I would like. It's a little top heavy.  I, personally, don't like the designer etchings and I plan on having them removed. But, the metal slide means you can have it coated, that's a plus. Shooting it is interesting. It's not very accurate over 10 yards. It's very loud and has a long trigger pull. ***Update***But, I did some research and found out a few little tricks to make it better. Here is the post about Light Handgun Repair. It made all the difference and now it is a solid gun.


  • Easy to conceal
  • Price point
  • Ruggedness
  • Ergonomics
  • Great warranty
  • Long trigger pull
  • Required a little work to become accurate and dendable
  • Loud
  • Top heavy (metal slide on polymer grip)
Great carry gun for those on a budget, however. In a tight spot, it will do the trick! You can currently buy this gun for $299 at select dealers.