Monday, December 30, 2013

Deer Hunting 12/26/13

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In the last few years, I have spent more time in the winter fishing than hunting. Don't misunderstand, I love to eat deer. Most importantly, I love spending time with my dad, uncle, and granddad who all love to hunt and do so nearly everyday of the season. That includes muzzle loader and bow season. Sheesh!

But I have spent a little more time each of the last few years in the woods. Last year I got a nice buck, but I wasn't above taking a doe. In fact, I really wanted to take one for several reasons. The first being, they eat better. The second being, we have a TON of them and it's starting to affect the herd. The size of the deer has gone down dramatically. Everyone wants the big buck, but they have to manage their herd!

I have hunted several times this year already, dating back to opening day. Unfortunately, I missed a shot at a doe that day, which was a first in almost 20 years for me. I took it rather hard, but it was the longest shot I had attempted, the deer was moving, yadda yadda excuses. A few days later, the same deer showed up at the same place and offered me the exact same shot. So I took it. And missed. I shot again. And missed. 3rd times is the charm....negative. No, I didin't throw the Marlin X7 30-06 out the window. I just figured it was because I was shooting left handed. Dad did me a solid and shot it a few times himself, finding out it was 6 inches low at 60 yards! WOW! So, we sighted it in with the Hornady 150 grain SST Superformance rounds. I had two boxes of it in my ammo crate. I hope that lasts me a long time, cause ammo is not

Anyway, I managed to get out on the 26th. It was a good day. The wind was calm and it was rather chilly, but my dad had bought me a new set of coveralls that made it just right. I broke out the GoPro in hopes that I could have some luck. In the past, the deer have smelled the GoPro or something, because I never seem to see anything when I have it.

On  this trip, however, I lucked up. In fact, I hadn't even sat down when movement caught my eye. I looked down the road that I had just walked not more than 1 minute before and there was a doe standing there. Seriously, it was like the deer was stalking me! Well, I put the scope on her, but the sunlight was beaming right into the scope, making a shot impossible. The deer did an about face and walked away.

A few minutes later, I heard something in the brush below me. I looked down to see a bob cat! I couldn't believe it! It was skulking around the shooting house. It walked into the road, sat there and licked itself. I struggled to get the camera on him and about that time he took off up the road. I know the video isn't great. The GoPro has such a wide angle for close shots that it sacrifices depth of field. But, seeing "blob cat", as my uncle calls it, is better than nothing.

So, I got some reading done and around 3:45, two does wandered down the road. The sun was still shining into the scope, but I was able to squeeze all the way to the back of the shooting house, resting the barrel on the window seal, and get the scope on the bigger deer.

Even if I wanted to shoot right handed, I couldn't. The deer was over to the right too much. So, I swapped to my left hand and leaned into the shot.

As you can see, I made a clean shot and dropped her in her tracks.

I texted dad and he headed down to give me a hand since I can't drag her out. He has killed and cleaned so many deer than he had the doe field dressed and in the truck in under 15 minutes of the shot! Talk about fresh!

Anyway, I can now concentrate on getting a buck. I won't say "a big one" because my luck isn't that good. But, one can hope!