Monday, December 2, 2013

The Bama Review

Here are all my Auburn Realist posts!

Yes. I am well aware that I didn't do a Bama Preview. There was a combination of things that kept me from writing one. I have been extremely busy at work. I was emotionally drained and admittedly subjectively compromised after the Georgia Game, of which you can read about my adventures.

I know that sounds like a cop out, but I just couldn't bring myself to do a preview.

Now, I did do a Second Half of the Year check that out. I admit that it doesn't give a lot of insite to what I thought would happen, except that I predicted a win. On social media, such as my Facebook Page and Twitter (Go follow me!), I polled my followers and asked why it was that the nation's leading ground game was such and underdog to Alabama's defense. I didn't understand it. Apparently, neither did they, as 99% of the people who follow me thought that A) Auburn wouldn't break the century mark, since no one else would and B)Mason would not join the ever so short list of 100-yard Auburn Iron Bowl backs.

Well, I kept quiet, mostly. I dropped hints here and there on Twitter.....Mason would blow up. Auburn would run at will. And they would win.

You didn't believe me and the world didn't believe in Auburn. Guess what. That's exactly How. We. Like. It.

Ok. Anyway. Let's talk about how great the weekend is, because everyone was right in hindsight and in their own mind anyway.

So, we got word on Thursday...the week before...that camper spots were gone. No biggie. We elected to stay at my best friends house. We spent Wednesday and Thursday at Alyse's families place in Tuscaloosa. That was an adventure. But, come Friday morning, we headed across the state.

Friday evening, we conducted a new Thanksgiving tradition with Kevin and his family. We deep fried a Turkey. We ate. We drank. Then we slept. HAHA.
We were up at 6AM Saturday morning. We headed to ESPN College Gameday. Unfortunately, I have no good pictures to use because we couldn't get close to the stage. The air was already electric. The stage was set. Almost.

And that's when we kick started the party.

Again, I am so fortunate to have good friends. Some of those good friends are huge resident Auburn fans from high school. The Sutton brothers, in particular, along with my old friend Phillipe, pride themselves on a good tailgating experience. How do they do it? How about setting up at the corner of Plainsman Park and Donahue? How about gameday signs that trended on social media? How about a live honkey tonk band? And, of course, the Best5Zach and Aubie Chest Bump. Can't break tradition!

We kicked off the party and it never stopped. Again, all the credit to the Sutton and Friends Tailgate. Along with the awesome games, it has made this season absolutely UNREAL!

You all know how the game went. So I won't go into that.

But the party after the game...OH MY! Of course we fired up the DJ equipment on Donahue and hosted anyone and everyone to come dance with us. We lit up cigars and celebrated. Along the way, the players stopped by, like Corey Grant!

I don't know how we did, but we found Chris Davis' mom in the crowd. She stopped by and we got a pic of her. I immediately sent out a tweet saying how we all hugged her and thanked her, 'cause that's exactly what we did. Well, The War Eagle Reader saw it and featured it on his website. Credit Jonathan Sutton for the photo.
The highlight of my night was doing the Dougie with Gabe Wright. I had tweeted him earlier in the week and asked him to stop by. He did.

I can't even describe the atmosphere. It wasn't just after the win. It was all day. I must commend that Auburn Family. You cannot and will not find a better scene in college football. I don't say that as an Auburn fan. I can point at the neutral fan, such as my friend Neil, who are sold on Auburn.

I am kicking myself for having surgery tomorrow. I admit that I never gave the Tigers a chance at making it to Atlanta. And even if they lose the next two games, I will always say this was the best season ever.