Thursday, September 4, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy Football Week 2

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Well, week 1 is in the books. How did your fantasy team fare? Well, mine was great...and terrible. See, I won my week one matchups (both my real team, and my Ghostman team...more on that later). Except that I had to face my wife in week 1. And, she lost. So, I lost. 

For a rundown on my team, see last weeks post here

I started Bo Wallace. It was a down-to-the-wire decision for me. Ole Miss has been pushing Wallace for Heisman. And, anytime does that, they make sure they put the player in a position to pad the stats. Enter Boise State...not the team of yesteryear, for sure. Despite having Shane Carden, one of the biggest arms in the country, I threw Wallace out there. After all, we couldn't see another Wallace meltdown, right? Well, 3 picks in the first half later and I was starting to sweat. Sure enough, Wallace had an epic 4th quarter and went on to throw 4 TDs and 387 yards, yielding 37 points. What's better is he tossed one to Treadwell, one of my starting receivers. So, the double up worked and it yielded 54 points. 

Despite being the player with "the best offseason on the team", Speed Noil turned out to be a bust in week 1. Impressive, considering his QB went on to torch Johnny Fooseballs records. So, he threw to everyone...but my player. 

Storm Woods proved fruitfull against Portland State. Though he didn't have a rushing TD, he did record 125 yards and cashed in on a pass. 

Abdullah did what he does best. He racked up 232 rushing yards. And...only 1TD. Which, if you recall, was my gripe about him. I don't understand how a player can carry the ball like he does and not get TDs. But, he did get me 33 points. 

Engram, my tight end, recorded 41 yards of receptions and no TDs. But, it's a tight end. You can't keep a guy like him on the bench. 

Auburn's defense game up points, but managed to score their own...recording a pick 6. 

So, what's up this week?

Wallace against Vandy? Yep. 

Abdullah against McNeese? May not play the whole game. And, it's risky just how much he WILL play. It's a gamble I have to take.

Storm Woods against Hawaii? Heck yes. Fantasy football delight in Corvallis! 

Will Florida play this week? We sure hope so! I was hoping to get a good read on how Taylor was going to be used by the revamped Gator offense. I guess Eastern Michigan is a good place to see. 

I drafted a new player who will start this week in Taywan Taylore from Western Kentucky. Why? Well, how does 12 catches for 185 yards and a TD against Bowling Green? Next up? Illinois. It's a gamble, sure. But, I feel good about the Treadwell/Wallace duo against Vandy.

I am sticking with Engram at TE, though I have Auburn's Uzomah...who I feel like will cash in against San Jose State. He was robbed last week against the Hogs. He was in, but Auburn lined up and punched it in before the review. He will develop into a weapon...I'm just not ready to start him quite yet. When Auburn gets into SEC competition...look out.
Auburn against San Jose State. It's risky. San Jose could easily pile up yardage. But, we have seen spread teams blank against SEC competition just as often. Bray/Grant/Co are ready for a special teams TD and the Auburn defense already has a pick six.