Monday, September 29, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 6

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Sorry to all 3 of my readers who missed my week 5 post. I didn't have one. I was in training all week and was unable to find the time to make a post. It was a pedestrian week since my opponent had an illegal lineup, giving me an easy win in that match up.  I would have won anyway, but it was a lot closer than I would have liked. Across the board, I improved to an overall 13-2 record. 

Bo Wallace was Bad Bo Wallace this week. He had 2 INTs, which brings his season total to 6.  He managed a paltry 15 points in a sloppy win. Thankfully, we only need him two more times this season when Carden is on the Bye in weeks 8 and 11, which is the week before the playoffs begin. Ole Miss plays Tennessee and Presbyterian, respectively. He will be a solid play in week 8. Considering that Wallace has averaged 37 points every other game, one might be inclined to start him since he had an off week this week against Memphis. But, it's Bama at home. And while I think that could be a surprising game, I won't hang my hat on it. 

Abdullah produced another 40+ point game this week. What can you say about him? He averages 32 points per game! He absolutely must be started each and every week. But, he has Michigan State this week...

 In a last second pick up, I snatched Thomas Rawls from Central Michigan. He was coming off a 2 week suspension and it was announced that he would not only play, but be an integral part of the C Mi offense. He mustered 18 points in the effort, which gives him a 22 point per game average in his 3 games. It was risky to start him, but he could be a very sneaky pickup in a league where most people simply look at total points scored instead of PPG.  

Kennedy didn't blow up against Arkansas. I will be honest, it's hard to trust a receiver in an offense like TAMU. But, Kennedy finds the endzone, even in games where he sees limited targets. He provided 10 points, but he isn't exactly a point busting pick. 

Engram managed 3 catches for 22 yards, providing only 2 points in the aforementioned contest with Memphis. His 3 catches were a season low, but that was expected. I figured that Treadwell would be a focus for the offense against Memphis and that Engram would be ignored. Indeed that was the case. 

Larry Dixon, the running back from Army, was a bust, as far as running backs are concerned. 11 point efforts from your running backs are killers. It was surprising that Army couldn't get going against Yale. He managed only 7 rushes, which is his season low by a factor of 2. His touches are dropping by the week. 

Ficken, the PSU kicker was held to just 6 points in a surprising loss to Northwestern. Talk about an eye-popping loss. North Western ran a freight train on the Nittany Lions, and Ficken provided the only points. 

Baylor's DST was a late pickup for me. They were "statistically" the best available. They gave me an earth shattering 3 points while allowing Iowa State 28 points. Honestly, I didn't expect much this week in terms of D. All the good ones were taken or on Byes. I was hoping just to get points. I kinda figured it would be more than 2....

Week 6 Starters

QB: Carden is back from a Bye week after throwing up a jaw-dropping 59 points. I don't think the production will fall much against SMU. The only question is, will he stay in the game or will they salt it with the run...or both? Carden is that ride that you just KNOW won't last, but you have to stay on it. Everything says that he will go on to set all kinds of records this year. If you have him, you HAVE to start him in ANY game. If I had to guess, Carden gets up early and they Pirates run the ball with Breon Allen. So, if Allen is available....better pick him up quick.

RB1: Like Carden, Abdullah is a guy you MUST start in all formats. The problem this week is that he faces off against a worst case scenario. The Huskers are matched with Michigan State....and the Huskers have trouble throwing the ball. This is a boom or bust play with a less than 20% chance of success. 

RB2: Despite missing 2 weeks, Rawls made it onto my team and produced 18 points in a loss. It's obvious that he is the feature back of this offense. Though his carries were limited, it was simply to get him back in the game. Expect big things from him when facing off against Ohio. 

WR1: Yall know I like to pair a receiver with my QB for the discount double up. Well, I still can't get Hardy on a trade, and that's ok. Jones, the number 2 receiver popped up available and I snatched him. He has two 20+ point games sandwiching two mediocre games against South Carolina and Virginia Tech.  He excells against teams with limited depth in the defensive backfield. The best DB will be on Hardy. Expect a 100 yard game from Jones.

WR2: Kennedy is a hard start against Mississippi State. He has been stable, but he isn't a game breaker. De'Runnya Wilson is, however. The last time I started him against South Alabama, is inexplicably didn't play.  I was pretty miffed and benched him against LSU, only to see him have a 15 point outing. When it's crunch time, Prescott will throw to his 6'5" playmaker. TAMU isn't too great at defense, so this is a solid play over Kennedy vs MSU, who DOES play good D.

FLEX: Storm Woods has been a player who everyone drafts and keeps, despite having pedestrian numbers the last two years. He hasn't had a big game yet in 2014, though he did have 20 and 17 against Portland State and SDSU. In a PRR league, he is a GREAT player as he gets around 3 passes a game. Otherwise, he is a shaky player. If he doesn't produce against Colorado, he will be getting cut.

K:  Hunnicut is available? Yep. I will take him.

DST: There isn't anything available that was worth starting this week. Temple is available, but on a BYE. I think I will snatch them up another week. In the meantime, I have Baylor vs Texas. I think I will drop them and I won't start a defense at all. After all, we are playing for the playoffs, right?

This team is 5-0/1-0 and playing a non-divisional opponent this week. This is a great opportunity to stash some gold, even if it means a loss. At least it looks good on paper....