Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fishing Report for Guntersville/Prefishing for Spro Frog Tournament

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I guess this falls under the category of acting before I think. See, when Spro announced the dates for the Spro Frog Tournament, I jumped all over it. Well, kinda. I DID wait for about 2 weeks before rushing my check in. 

As soon as the mailman picked up the envelope, I immediately regretted registering. Why? Does Spro throw a crappy tournament? Not in the slightest. We fished it in 2012 and the setup was fantastic. It's just that we were taken to school. You can read about our coverage on the Spro Frog Tournament 2012 Here

Since registering for it some weeks back (I actually had to register twice, since the first check I wrote, I forgot to sign), I had been keeping up with how the the frog bite was developing. Or not developing, as the case seems to be. The grass hasn't come along like it has in the past years, which really makes it 2 years in a row. 

I hadn't been on Guntersville since my last MFC Tournament, which we had caught over 20 pounds....really deep. So, no help there. So, I really needed to get out there and scout, especially since the tournament is less than a week away. Our kids were in Tuscaloosa for the long holiday, so Alyse and I decide to get out. She was very much against going to Guntersville. She claims she has never had luck on guntersville (which is a lie, and I can prove's just been a LONG LONG time). She wanted to go to Wheeler, where she DOES catch fish...very well. 

But, I needed some intel, so Guntersville it was. 

Against my better judgement, I went to Honeycomb, only because I hadn't fished there is YEARS, it seemed. I have had some success in Honeycomb, as well as the best frog bite day I have ever had. But, Honeycomb creek is a deep creek and matted up grass was hard to come by. In the very back, I was sure I could find grass. Indeed I did....along with 3 other boats. We quickly left. Along one of the banks on the way out, we did find some schooling fish and managed to catch several. Alyse struggled with the frog, but she did manage to find some white bass on her favorite Strike King series 3 crank. At least she didn't get skunked, but Guntersville didn't help its cause, in her book anyway.
Here is her fav:

I really struggled for find any matted grass in honeycomb. When I did, none of the mats were active. I never heard any popping and rarely found bait. But, when I did find bait, I could get a bite or two.

I caught it on one of the Spro Bronzeeye Frogs, which you can find for cheap on Amazon HERE! 

Between the grulling heat and the rain, we cut the day short and headed back home to watch the Tennessee Vols crush Utah State....which really surprised me. I expected Chuckie Keeton, whom I pegged as a Top 20 Fantasy QB to wear the Vols out. Welp. Not this time. 

Anyway, the Spro Tourny is a few short days away....and I am completely clueless of what I will be doing, aside from fighting with the 200 or so other boats all looking for a few grass mats.