Monday, December 15, 2014

Best5Zach Bowl Mania $10 Buy-In league

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Are you interested in an ESPN Bowl Mania league that matters? Join my $10 buy-in league. The rules are very easy. You pick the winners of each of the 39 different bowl games. Then, you rank them from 1 to 34 based upon how confident you are on the winner. That is, 1 would be a game you are most confident in and  34 the least confident. We will pay out 1 place for every 5 entries. The scale depends on the number of places awarded, but the last paying place will get their entry money back. 

How do you sign up? Paypal This Email Address. Then email me and let me know you sent payment and what your user name will be. I will then send you the password to enter the league, which you can find here: