Thursday, April 9, 2015

Best5Chickens 4/9/15

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After several hard day's worth of work and about $1,000 dollars in raw materials, we were ready for chickens! 

If you didn't read my previous two posts, take a second to catch up.

Best5Chickens 4/6/15

I spent much of yesterday trying to make an automatic feeder out of PVC, as we had seen on Pintrest. However, I am never the one to steal other people's ideas.  I wanted to do it my own way. That is...sorta steal other people's ideas, but make them better. 

I'll save some time. I haven't gotten it to work. Turns out, PVC is really smooth and the feed just dumps right out. That defeats the purpose. So. I can add in more bends, increase the angle, etc....

But, we aren't there.

Despite not having the feeder done, we still welcomed our chickens home, last night.

 I need to get some netting for the top of the pen. We can't be having owls and hawks snatching up our babies. 

Obviously I want to get the feeder done. 

I need to bury some fencing to prevent predators  from sneaking under the fence. We know animals CAN because Alyse found a rabbit who had done just that on Sunday.

I want to add on to the chicken house. As you can see from the pictures above, it is nice. It is cheap and good looking. it ISN'T big enough for 4 or more chickens. 

So we aren't QUITE done. But, we do have chickens! Only two of them right now...but that will change soon!