Thursday, April 9, 2015

Best5Garden Update for 4/9/2015

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Well, there isn't much to report. The weather has alternated between PERFECT and LOUSY. With the soil remaining wet, these perfect days have been put to waste as I can't till up the garden. All I've been able to do is transport my seedlings into and out of the garage for the daily sun. 

That's really an aggravation, believe me. I'd love to use my indoor grower, but it hasn't made it to the new house yet. Instead of leaving all of the cups in one place and letting them sit under a light, I have to pick each one up by hand and walk it outside. I tried using a plastic tote, but you STILL have to pick them up out of the tote and place them on the ground. Or, you can leave them in the tote and they will get around 1 hour of sun total. 

So, one at a time it is. Which means spills. I was beginning to think I had knocked every single seed out of the cups until this morning. We had several sprouts this morning from our tomatoes. No action from our herbs or flowers. 

As soon as the ground dries out (won't be this week) I will get the garden tilled and primed. 

I am very excited because we have a plethora of earthworms. Every time it rains, they come out of the woodwork...err...soil. Everywhere you step has worms. According to my sources, that indicated good soil....which we DIDN'T have at the old house. 

In the meantime, we have kept busy getting our chickens housed! If you haven't read up on that, check out our posts!