Monday, July 20, 2015

Fishing Report for Wheeler Lake 7/16/15

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It was a Thursday. That means it's time to donate some money to our local sticks at the Wildcat out of Ditto! 

Really, I'm starting to think that the limited success we had in the last few years was the old rope-a-dope. Cause, we haven't been CLOSE to smelling a check in awhile.

Last week, the current was ripping so we headed up to the dam. All the big bags come from the dam, right? Well, go read how that turned out.

Fishing Report for Wheeler/Ditto Landing 7/9/15

This week, the situation was nearly IDENTICAL. So, we decided we weren't going to the dam. Instead, we would fish some current brakes fairly close to the marina. Our thought about last week was that the high current had either blown the fish out, or located them so tightly that you had to really be perfect on locating them. We are far from that good. So, we thought that down river the current wouldn't be so pronounced and maybe we could locate them easier.

We pulled up at Hobb's Island and the day started out FANTASTICALLY as the end cap to one of my Shimano Citicas flew off and sank. 

No bites on Hobb's. No bites on some rock piles. We pulled up behind some barges and fished some barge tie ups. 

I did catch a MONSTER on a PTL 7" Tickler. 

And that was about all the action we got. So, we ran down river to a few creek entrances. Nothing at the mouths, so we decided to go flipping.

Now, what's really ironic about losing that end cap to the citica was that I had just bought a new one the night before. And, I was currently flipping with that new Citica when a big ole slob picked up the PowerTeam jig as I was flipping it into cover. 

I slammed the rod back and the drag screamed at me. Meanwhile the fish laughed, opened its mouth, and swam off. I had set everything on the reel up perfectly....except the drag.
A few flips later, another fish picked up the jig as I flipped it. This time, I pounded the fish. Except I hit the poor dink so hard that he flew out of the water and over the boat! The jig went back into the drink...and either the same fish...or another one the same size....pounded the jig again! I caught two fish on one cast! Or maybe the same fish twice on the same cast....Look. It hit the boat both times, so it counts.

After that spot refused to give us any fish, we went down river a little more to a rip rap bank that had ALWAYS produced fish...just never a limit in one sitting.

We were throwing top water and sure enough, we had several bites from decent looking fish, but none of them hooked up.

Time was closing in on us, so we made one last stop at a very similar area which featured current breaks and rip rap banks. Josh bagged a solid 3 pounded on a worm while I cast my Spro around. The fish weren't grouped up as we hoped. Come to think of it, it's been years since I found them there.

We fished into the skinny water in the small cut out around the rip rap and caught several very small bass. Almost every cast, one would pick up the shakey head.

We didn't win. But, the winning bag was only 6 and change. Had I caught that one pig while flipping, we would have won with 2 fish. But, they don't award points for missing fish.