Monday, March 7, 2016

Family and Friends Fishing 3/6/16

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One of the families we are friends with has two boys about our boys age. They are getting into fishing. But, like many aspiring fishermen, having a location to fish can be problematic. So, after loading them up on PowerTeam Lures baits a few months ago, we decided to take them to one of our family lakes and give it a try.

Additionally, we decided to bring our daughter's friend, who also wanted to fish.

We stopped by the local Wal-Mart and bought some life bait, as I wanted to get them some confidence in catching before we moved to artificial bait. 

Of course, I don't have to tell yall just how beautiful it was yesterday, and after struggling for a whole five minutes, the two girls were just happy to take long walks around the property. 

The boys and I were a little tougher to be dissuaded. Indeed, the fishing was initially tough. The cold weather had killed the majority of the grass and the water was crystal clear. The fish were grouped up in specific areas that were still holding grass. But, because of the clarity of the water, they were a little difficult to catch. 

But, once we had them located, we were able to lock down and catch a good many. 

The live bait worked well, netting us some panfish and occasionally a bass. In fact, the two visiting boys were able to catch some really nice bass! 

I went to work throwing a weightless PowerTeam Lures Sick Stick on a 7ft medium rod on 12 pound test. Initially, I wasn't getting ANY bites. So, I broke down and hosed the bait with Hog Tonic. That made an immediate difference. There wasn't anything feeling the hits, so I had to watch the line. When the light jumped, or moved to the side, I reeled down and waited to feel the weight.

I caught mostly small fish, so small that setting the hook resulted in the poor fish came flying out of the water, spitting the worm out. 

I did see some really nice 4 and 5 pound fish, but they were all cruising and wouldn't be fooled.

Even Alyse got in on the action, catching 3 bass on a Sick Stick. In fact, she caught the biggest bass on the day! 

After a few hours of working real hard for fish, the boys relaxed with their BB gun!