Monday, March 28, 2016

Small Lake Fishing Report 3/26-27/16

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This weekend was non-stop from beginning to end. Our middle kid played in a preseason baseball tournament, which started Thursday night. From that moment until Sunday night, it was non-stop. My wife and daughter had to go out of town, leaving me with the two boys, both of which had baseball games. Add in a busy Easter....

Anyway, I'm not complaining at all. I'd rather things be busy. 

Rather than talk about it, I'll just throw these pics up here. These are from the park's opening day festivities, which led into their baseball games....which were at two different parks. 

But, between their games, I had about a four hour break. After sitting in my recliner for about 30 minutes, I decided that I wasn't THAT tired. Besides, one of our family lakes, which is a multi-acre lake fed by the Flint river, is halfway between the two parks that the boys were playing at. 

So, I loaded them up and we went fishing. 

I went fishing, I mean. The baby was sleeping and the older one was content to watch me fish from the car. Initially, I was a little miff'd since I want to teach him to fish. But, I also needed a few minutes to myself. 

Twenty, to be exact. By the time we loaded up and made it to the lake, I had 20 minutes before Griffin had to be at the park. 

I decided to throw a PowerTeam Lures 5" Sick Stick in Watermelon Red Flake, weightless and wacky rigged on a 6'6" medium heavy H2O XPRESS rod and a Citica Shimano reel

Initially, I didn't get any action. I was throwing the Sick Stick and popping it pretty rapidly. After making several casts, without a hit, I moved into one of the many pockets and changed my retrieve. I started making casts across the pocket towards the grass lines. I would let the bait soak and instead of keeping a tight line, I would simply watch the line. 

It didn't take long for the fun to get started! With a finger under the line at the reel and watching the line in the water, I was able to feel and see the bites through the line, not the rod. I would reel the slack and make a slow sweeping hook set.

Why slow and sweeping? Because the majority of the fish were little and a hard hookset would cause the fish to come completely out of the water and the bait would come flying right back at me.

But, it also caused me to lose some better fish, so I had to start reeling in the slack and feeling the weight on the rod. 

In twenty minutes, I landed 10 fish. Key word is "landed" as I had a hit almost every cast. Only a few went over a pound, but it was still a BLAST. It is a fun way to catch fish and a way that you can teach any kid to use artificial bait because it is so similar to live bait. 

On number10, I tossed my stuff in the truck and took off to Griffin's game. That's the perfect way to end a fishing trip! 

A very similar thing happened Sunday afternoon. Everyone else was in a coma from a combination of fatigue and food comas. Me?  I was the last man standing. 

My stuff was already in the car.....

So I went fishing.

The wind was a little heavier and there was a slight mist. The fish weren't as interested in the bait today, it would have seemed. After the first 30 minutes, I had caught only a few fish and I was having to move around a lot. That was a far cry from the day before as the pockets were holding 5 or 6 active fish apiece and I didn't have to move. 

After the wind caught the line and I cleared a backlash, I rapidly retrieved the worm. As it pulsed from being popped, a sizeable fish smacked it. 

So, that gave me an idea. The fish wanted a little more action, which I assumed was from the ripple on the water. 

Sure enough, that was the trick! I sped up the retrieve and the action, which got me to 10 fish REAL QUICK. 

When the text from my wife came in, asking me where I was, I decided that I would fish for just ONE MORE hit. 

But after I missed three fish, I found myself saying ONE MORE CAST. 

That ended when I finally caught my last fish and also caught a nasty text from my wife.