Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Product Review for Fishlife.net First Aid Treament

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In last week's fishing report from Logan-Martin, I had an embarrassing situation which I didn't talk about. But, in the aftermath of it, I had a good laugh and I decided that I needed to share my story because it might point anglers in the direction of a product that everyone needs to have in their boat.

The story went a little like this, and I will make it short. You can read about the rest of the fishing trip and watch the vid by clicking the link below. 

Fishing Report for Logan-Martin 5/20 and 5/21

We caught almost all of our fish early in the day. And, I mean REAL early. We had a limit in five minutes. The day was long and hot. Before a long run, I decided to swap out the water in the livewell. So, I turned on the fill pump as well as the pump-out. Since the two pumps are matched, the amount of water would stay constant, though it would now be fresh.

I didn't consider that my fill inlet is above the pad, which was completely out of water during the run. Almost as soon as I sat the boat down after a five-mile run, I heard what no fisherman ever wants to hear: fish flopping around. 

Yep, this genius had pumped out the entire livewell about a minute into the run and our winning sack was now dying. 

In particular, the three pound spot, which would eventually win us both 1st place and big fish, was belly up. My partner was furious and I was really embarrassed. What was worse was that we had a long time until weigh in and we wouldn't be catching any bigger fish. These fish had to make it or we would be done for. 

I had a product that I hadn't really used, but it was from a company I trusted. I reached for the bottle of Fishlife First Aid.  In addition, I used their fin clips to get the big fish right side up.

Hours later we weighed in five healthy and happy fish, walking away with a first place finish and a big fish. We wouldn't have done that without the help of Fishlife's products. Here is some information on the First Aid, which costs $7.99:

"The First Aid Treatment is the only product on the market that is used to slow or completely stop bleeding and start the healing process on bass or other fish that have been hooked in the gills, gullet, or tongue. Our formula goes farther than anything else imaginable to stop bleeding, and keep your fish alive. In our trial efforts, the bleeding from all wounds was stopped over 90% of the time. When a dead fish penalty can cost you the difference between 1st and 2nd, it is a lifesaver. Literally. "

A little about the fin clips, which cost just $7.99:

"This product is used when fish are caught deep and is an option to fizzing fish. If you bring a fish in and it is full of air, attach the Fin Clips to the anal fin and this will right the fish and pull them down. The goal of this technique is to allow the swim bladder to deflate naturally and not require fizzing. Now don't think this is an end all fix because there will be times when you still have to fizz the fish. The goal of any technique requiring deflation of the swim bladder is to right the fish as soon as possible so it will not kill itself trying to bring itself back to an upright position. Many times people think a fish is dying because it is on it's back however, it is just full of air and needing a little help."

The following Monday, I put in an order for their First Aid Kit, which costs $24.99. Here is some info on it: 

"The Fishlife Fish Aid Kit is everything you need to give your fish the best possible care. The Fishlife Fish Aid Kit consist of:
1) Fishlife Live Well Treatment which is proving itself to be the best live well treatment available today. This product is free of dyes and supported by tournament anglers of many different species.
2) Fishlife First Aid Treatment which is also proving itself to be in a class by itself. Report after report keeps coming in stating how well it is working for tongue and gill hooked fish. It is stopping the bleeding and saving our fish to fight another day.
3) Fishlife Fin Clips for clipping onto fish caught deep and giving their air bladders a chance to deflate naturally.
4) Finally the Fishlife Fizz Needles which has been built according to the guidelines established by the Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife and is used to deflate the swim bladders when the Fin Clips do not work." 

Here is the info from the "About Us" portion of their website.

"Sportsman's Media Group, Inc.
P.O.Box 185
Warrior, AL US
We are a group of fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts committed to sharing our dedication to conservation, education and preservation of the outdoors for future generations. What began as an Alabama-focused online fishing forum in November 2009 quickly grew to include a popular tournament series that utilized the latest innovations in fish handling, weighing, and conservation. Today, our Fishlife Water Weigh In System is the finest, most fish-friendly system of its kind, and is used at all of our tournaments. At Fishlife, our mission is now bolstered by unique on-site fishing education events, a comprehensive bass fishing tournament series, partnerships with high school and college fishing groups, young angler programs, and our social network, Fishlife.net. Fishlife. You have to live it to understand it. 
We're not afraid to talk to you. " 

The staff of Fishlife do more than just sell fish care products. They help run events and ensure that weigh-ins are done correctly, and, more importantly, the welfare of the fish is a primary concern. I would recommend them for any event.