Monday, June 6, 2016

Fishing Report for Wheeler: Week of 6/1-5/16

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I was fortunate to get out two different times over the course of the week. Both trips were in the middle of the day and, therefore, not exactly the best conditions.

Wednesday afternoon, I fished the area around Ditto. Two different patterns paid out dividends:

The first was a StrikeKing Series 3 crank in either sexy or powder blue back. This pattern would only work on bluff walls that were shaded. So, specifically, the north bank of the river. It was really weird. The fish would hit these cranks within the first turn of the handle. Sometimes, the fish would hit it before I even cranked. But, they would not touch top water baits. 

Later in the afternoon, I was able to catch just a precious few fish while flipping wood. You would work 10 or 12 laydowns before finding one that would have three fish on it. The fish seemed to prefer a 7" Tickler as opposed to flipping the jig. 

Unfortunately, weather was moving in and I didn't fish but for about an hour late in the afternoon. That meant that I only was able to fish about 10 or 12 of those laydowns before heading home.

Just yesterday (Sunday), we took a family trip on the water. With overcast skies, rising water levels thanks to rain, and a little cooler weather, I figured the top water bite would be on. It would be a great time to have a little fishing competition between the kids. Truth be told, competition between them is the only way I was going to get them to fish. 

The water isn't quite where it needs to be for a good flipping bite nor a frog bite. Where there is good grass, it is too thick to work a frog. I would like to see thick vegetation with at least a yard of scattered grass around it. In this case, it isn't scattered quite yet and the water level is just too low. 

After hitting one spot that normally has fish, we headed to the back of a pocket. On the way in, the white bass were feeding and I thought this would be the PERFECT time to get the kids to actually catch fish. I even had them excited enough to cast on their own. But, for some weird reason, we could not buy a white bass bite! It was very frustrating. 

We started flipping grass in the back of the pocket where we were able to start catching a fish every 15 minutes or so. All of my fish came on a PTL Bull Nose Jig in Black to the Blue. None of them were very big, but the best five would have gone 10 pounds. Either I have bad luck or the topwater bite just hasn't been very good. Now, I do recognize that I am fishing the toughest parts of the day.