Monday, June 13, 2016

Fishing Report for Wheeler 6/9/16: Ditto Wildcat

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On Monday or Tuesday, Josh had asked me if I wanted to fish the Ditto Wildcat on Thursday night. We hadn't fished one yet and it seemed tempting. It was especially tempting because the weights had been at late July and August levels. That is, six pounds would get a check. Based upon my prefishing the week before, I knew that it would be tough, but I also knew I could get a small limit. All I had to do was do some flipping. 

Fishing Report for Wheeler: Week of 6/1-5/16

On Thursday, I brought the boat to work. Turns out, Josh couldn't fish. We had a club tournament coming up, so I had to make a decision: fish the wildcat alone or prefish alone. It isn't that I don't like fishing alone (I mean, I don't) but prefishing Guntersville has done me ZERO good so far this year. I decided that I would just fish the wildcat.

There was no current according to the TVA so I decided to start out flipping. So, I flipped and flipped and flipped. No bites. I spent two of the three hours I had flipping. 

Around 7 I moved out onto some bluffs. The only other way I had been catching fish was with a Strike King 3XD, targeting shade on the bluffs. I really had to get the bait on the edge of the bluffs. For the most part, that meant actually hitting the ledge with the bait. 

Pretty quickly, I began to get hits. Unfortunately, I missed a decent fish because I had no net man and the fish threw the bait at the boat. I moved 25 yards and caught another. Then another. While I was catching fish, only every third fish actually measured. With four in the box, I had to make a call: Do I finish the limit with a small fish or try and find a kicker? 

I decided on the latter and went back to flipping for the last 30 minutes.

The only thing that flipping provided was the smallest fish of the day, a six-incher. 

In all, I caught around 10 fish but the size was just pitiful. I did throw some top water, but not much, as what fishing I have done has shown that the fish aren't interested in top water at all.

As I went to weigh in, the ramp was absolutely packed and the parking lot was a disaster. I decided to forego the weigh and toss my fish. The winning weight was 14 pounds and it took just over 6 to get 3rd place.

It's very tough out there and the reliable bite I can find is on the bluffs with a small crankbait.