Wednesday, October 12, 2016

End of the Tournament Year Results

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No, this doesn't mean that I won't fish any more tournaments this year. But, all of my scheduled tournaments are completed and I thought I might take a second to review how things went this year. 

First, let's take a second to review the Fish of the Year. In case you don't know what I am talking about, take a look at the two pages:

Fish of 2015

Taking a look at those two pages, it seems obvious that this year was much better than last year. In 2015, I boated only 138 fish. But, I also didn't own a boat, which didn't help matters. However, last year was an absolute grindfest all year. The Luhr-Jensen Speedtrap and 7" Tickler did most of the work for me. My biggest fish came on Wilson lake in July leading up to a club tournament. My best smallmouth came off of Wheeler, also prefishing. 

The 2015 season began a weird yet satisfying trend where I began to catch more smallmouth than largemouth. It was about equal, but it was a striking departure from previous years. Along the way, I caught fish from nine different lakes which included a trip to Smith lake and Chickamauga. 

2016 wasn't my best year in numbers or size of fish, but it was a grand departure from 2015. I boated (so far) 267 bass starting on January 7th. I caught bass from eight different lakes in 2016 including Tim's Ford, which is a new lake for me. For some strange reason, I didn't go back to Smith or Chick, though that COULD change. 

In terms of wins and losses, I'd say that this year was a lot better than last year. I've always done well in the NASA club, but I didn't get to fish many events in 2015. This year I fished nearly all of them and managed to win several. The highlights were winning with my wife on Pickwick and a great weekend of fishing on Logan-Martin that ended with another win. However, I came up short in the Angler of the Year department because one of my opponents had a fantastic year (he always does). As much as I like our NASA club, it is small and winning typically means beating just a few other boats.

The winless streak at the Ditto Wildcats on Thursday night continued. The fishing was historically bad and I don't think I weighed a limit all year. 

However, the Army Cargo club went much better this year. After cashing just one check in 2015 in what is a very, very good club, Brad and I went on to cash three checks. Two of those were for wins, both on Wilson. 

Still, as competitive as I am, I have a long way to go. Though I only fished one larger tournament (the aforementioned tournament this past weekend on Tim's), I didn't do very well in it. I'd like to not only fish more large tournaments but also manage to do well.

Anyway, here's to 2016!