Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Sale: 2005 GMC Yukon Denali

Hey all! It's time for a new ride. I will be getting a newed version of my current tow vehicle. But, I need to sell this one first.
2005 GMC Yukon Denali
Fully Loaded (Rear DVD player, Touch screen navigation, sunroof)
335HP/375TQ 6.0L V8
Front and Rear Disc brakes
$12,000 FIRM.[/b]
This price is dead between the KBB "Very Good" and "Excellent". It certainly meets  "Very Good" standards as they define it at this mileage.

Right at 160,000 miles
Bought at 100,000 on December 20th, 2010
Bought a brand new set of top of the line BFGs less than two years ago from Alabama Wholesale. They show no wear. Has a full size BGF spare.
Has no leaks. Burns virtually no oil. I have towed bass boats with it, but nothing bigger. Before I bought it, it didn't even have the towing package hooked up.
It gets 15mpg in the city, slightly better on the highway.
I went hunting for this exact vehicle. I wanted 2nd row captains chairs, DVD player, AWD, disc brakes, and the bigger motor. It took me a long time to find one that I felt good about. It has been easily the best vehicle I have owned. I have had ZERO mechanical issues. I have done regular maintenance on it. It's time for something new. I would rather sell than play the trade in game.

Issues: Typical GM gauge problems. Tach is slightly off, Gas gauge is off (but digital works fine).
5-disc changer needs to be cleaned. I spilled coffee in it and it needs to be cleaned. The single disc still works perfectly.
The interior has its fair share of stains. I have 3 kids and we have driven this car across the country. It stays dirty . It is what it is.
Leather has no rips or tears. Driver seat bolster is worn pretty good.
Some rock chips, 1 ding where an idiot cousin's kid threw a pebble at the car
Small scrape from the boat ramp, could be buffed. It's about 10 inches long.
Don't need to sell. Won't sell it for less. It's an absolutley fantastic SUV. I am simply getting a newer one. I might consider heavy cash plus small trade. I need at least $9,000 cash. While you may be wary of the mileage, keep in mind that these engines aren't exactly expensive. My plan all along was to throw a new motor or trans in it if it needed it.
Feel free to PM, call, or text.