Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fishing Report for Guntersville 9/12/13

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As all of you are probably well aware, life has been extremely busy. For example, just see our lives from this past weekend. It hasn't left much time for fishing. I am doing well to get out twice a month at this rate. That makes it awfully hard to figure the fish out when you DO get out. Sometimes you get lucky, like my last tournament on Wheeler. But, more often than not, I have struggled, as I have done on Table Rock and on Wilson Lake. And with football season here, Aubree's soccer...and the hot duldrums of late Bama summer, fishing hasn't been a priority.

But, my dad had been asking to get out and, truth be told, we hadn't fished enough together. In fact, he had YET to catch a fish out of the new boat. Work has been hectic for both of us, but we found ourselves with a little time on this Thursday. So, we set out to fish Guntersville. We put in at Seibold and went to throwing topwater early. Surprisingly, we couldn't buy a bite, even though it was pre-frontal. After fishing the first hour or so without a bite, we idled a bit and tried to find some fish on ledges with out new Hummingbird 798 that I installed not to long ago. After idling a bit, I found a nice point that dropped off into the creek channel that had some good stumps and fish. I found these with the sidescan with the help of knowledge I learned from BassWhacker a few months ago(he's a great guide, check him out!). After a few casts, I thumped a PowerTeam Lures ribbon hinge worm off a stump and a fish inhaled it! It about took the rod out of my hand! It wasn't a monster, but it measured...and more importantly....it was a fish!
After a few more casts, we gave up on trying to catch any more. We ran all the way to Goose Pond to an area that Josh and I have been catching them lately.

The move, though pricey considering the amount of gas we used, paid off. We caught several fish and missed a lot more, including a MONSTER than I caught on video that blew up a frog. Dad finally broke the new boat curse with a fish on a 6" PTL Gator and then backed it up with a NICE 4.5 pounder on a frog. He got it in the boat and it put up a big time fight, ultimately winning the day and flopping into the drink. I told dad "it's all good. I got it all on video, plus it hit the boat. Which counts as a catch".

I never caught two fish on the same bait, bagging them on an assortment of worms, Hammershad, top water Sammy, etc.

When the sun got up, we called it quits. It's too hot for two old farts like us! Regardless, it's great to spend time with your dad. Even better to catch some fish and get a good laugh!