Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend of 9/13/13 Oktoberfest, Auburn, and MORE!

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Busy. Busy. Busy. You know how we do. As if Last Weekend wasn't busy enough, we decided to up the ante.

Starting on Thursday, we got busy. I fished with my dad (report incoming) and we had a DECENT day. It wasn't great, but we steadily caught fish. More importantly, we were able to spend some time together. EH caught his first fish in the Skeeter and added a lunker at the end of the day! That night, I received a very important package which spawned the Friday afternoon Last Man on Earth Studies about Prepping Priorities. Here is a sneak peak of one of the things we talked about....

Friday night was the World Famous (just kidding) Redstone Arsenal Oktoberfest. We haven't been in several years. In fact, the last time we went was when Griffin was Gavin's age. So, it was time to get him up to speed. At first, he wasn't thrilled about it, but Aubree being the great big sister that she is, hyped it up. What's not to like? German food, great rides, and tons of ways to separate you from your money! Hurrah!

So, we loaded up to meet some friends. Of course, it's $15 to get in, and they don't care how old you are. So, $60 later, we were in the gate. We road a few rides (well, Alyse did. I pushed Gavin around) and then it was time for some schnitzel in the banquet tent while we listened to like Polka! We ate. The kids danced.


The food was great and I even managed not to make myself sick by eating too much! By this time, Emily had talked my wife in to riding some crazy rides, which means my wife talked me in to riding some crazy rides. Age and responsibility are a crazy thing. I have never had any fear of heights or rides. But, being a parent has somehow changed me. I was TERRIFIED of riding the Fireball. But I did it anyway...cause I can't show weakness. Except for screaming like a girl. Luckily everyone was doing that....sorry...no pics of that!

Meanwhile, my mom took the kids to ride some kiddie rides!
But, before we knew it, it was getting late and Aubree had an early softball game. So, we made a stop by the Funhouse on the way out, which is hte kids favorite! Of course, it was my favorite too, since each child managed to find a wall at full speed at least once. I have to admit, Griffin managed NOT to bring the two story full house down by running through walls. By the time we got home, we had 3 sleeping babes.

Saturday came early as we had a soccer game. On par with the rest of the season, we got absolutely drilled. We did manage to score our first goal on a full field boot. I wasn't sure to be happy about it, or worried that it would set a bad precedent of simply kicking the ball as hard as you can at all times. I tell ya, doesn't matter how good of a coach I try to be, I can't seem to teach these kids ANYTHING. But I will keep right on. Aubree played well, so I guess that's about all I can ask for....and that she wake up one morning with a little speed.......

As soon as the soccer game was over, we passed the kids off to the inlaws and hit the road for the Auburn-Mississippi Game. I previewed the game last week, check out my Preview of the Mississippi State Game. 

We picked Kevin up and headed to the best tailgate spot on the plans, right outside Plainsman Park. It pays to have highschool buddies who live and work on the Plains. It's also the best way to get a high five from Aubie on his way into the tent. My wife tried to snap my chest bump with Aubie, but she missed it, instead getting me walking up to Aubie and walking away. But I'm not bitter at all....

Along the way, we met my friend Palmer...an avid state fan. But, we were able to treat him as a good host should. We gave him a prime tailgating spot, we let him meet Aubie. We took him for free food and to meet the Raptor Center up close and personal at the Alumni Association Tent. They do such a great job making tailgating easy and enjoyable. Great service. Great food. You get to meet the cheerleaders and the band...the benefits are simply awesome. Everyone should check them out!

and....of course....a prime spot to watch the Eagle Fly. 

The game was great, though it was fairly unexpected in it's outcome. I wrote my Mississippi State Review. Check it out.

We got back to Kevin's house, got some sleep, and it was up at the crack of dawn because it was time for Victorious Sekrit flag football! So, a 4 hour trip home so I could run out on the field and play some ball. We were playing one of the UAHuntsville fraternities....and EVERYONE loves to hate fraternities. As game time got near, the director approached me and said that they had called and didn't know if they would have enough players. That was odd. The fraternities always show up in bulk, complete with fans and mascots. HE told me it was because they didn't think we would be competitive enough.

That was the wrong thing to say to the team in Pink. When ATO managed to field a team, it was the Gus Malzahn HUNH offense captained by yours truly.  We took the ball first and scored on a 2 play, 60 yard drive. 2 Point conversion=success. They got the ball and we picked them off on the 3rd or 4th play. Then another short drive for 6 points. 

At halftime, they asked us to enforce the mercy rule since we were up 28-0 and they hadn't been past midfield. None of us could let it slide, so we informed them that we must be more competition than they bargained for....and no....we wouldn't be stopping for a mercy rule. We rolled up 49 points, scoring on every drive. They never crossed midfield. The player of the game was my good buddy Nick, who played safety behind me at corner in high school. He caught a TD, threw a TD, and had a few picks. That's some fantasy points right there! I managed to score from my center position....no easy task! 

Sunday afternoon, we played catch up on our tasks....and just like that, it was back to work!