Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Catch Ledge Fish on Guntersville Lake

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I had a fantastic day last Friday. Jon and I caught a ton of quality fish. But, Jon had to get to his son's game and Jon Henry AKA BassWhacker, a registered captain and guide on Guntersville, called me to see if I was free for an hour. Naturally, his business is BassWhacker Guide Service.

He had finished up with a customer and had some spare time. The two of us teamed up for some tutorial vids a few months back during the Alabama Mountain Lakes Media Days on Wheeler. Not only did we hit it off, but the video was a rousing success.

So, we met up, loaded the boat, and then...we REALLY loaded the boat! HAHA!

Before we got started, we discussed what we would cover.

 I said: "Lets cover something that a novice, like me, might struggle with"

He asked me: "What's something that you struggle with or know how to do?"

I answered: "Ledge fishing."

He had a spot that he thought we could at least show some sidescan action, show what to look for, how to position the boat, where to cast, etc. Finish it up with a bait presentation and maybe a fish or two.

Naturally, he did a great job narrating and it was the tough part....could he get one to bite? First cast....YEP!

Next cast? YEP!

So, I set the GoPro up and started a continuous vid. Boy, did we get in to a school of them! I won't spoil it. Go watch the vid! I dare ya!

Check BassWhacker out. He is a fantastic fisherman and guide. He is dedicated to providing a great experience!

Since this, I have had opportunities to put ledge fishing techniques to good use on multiple lakes. Check out this writeup and video from one of our tournaments where we eclipsed the 20 pound mark on Guntersville. 

Check out this writeup where we win a local tournament on Pickwick by pounding ledges!