Monday, September 19, 2016

Trolling Motor Maintenance and Upgrades

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While I was building a custom divider for my passenger side storage box, I figured it was time to make some upgrades at the front of the boat. After all, it is froggin' and flippin' season, which is brutal on your trolling motor. 

It is imperative this time of year to make sure that your trolling motor is in tip-top condition. Thing is, it extender beyond battery care, though that is obviously the most important aspect of trolling motor care. 

My trolling motor was already in need of some help. It was very squeaky and jumpy thanks to a deteriorated rubber mat under it as well as loose bolts. It was also very jumpy when first engaged. All of these things are noticed by the most important thing: the fish.

So, I ordered some parts, but while I was waiting for the parts, I went ahead and did the prep work and then some.

First things first, I pulled the prop off. I did this first because it would be harder to leverage with everything loosened up. So, I pulled it off. Guess what? A mound of old line was wrapped around the shaft. It is an easy fix for something that really hurts efficiency. 

Next thing I did was sharpen the blade. Sure, it seems funny considering it's plastic, but consider how much better a prop works on your big motor when it isn't dinged up. Now, think about that in context to cutting through grass. This was extremely easy to accomplish with a vice and file. I was able to work out all the dings. 

I removed the old padding by removing all but one of the tie down bolts. Complete removal is unnecessary and actually quite a headache. I made sure to clean the mating surfaces in preparation to sticking down a T-H Marine Silencer Pad

I also added a BoatBuckle trolling motor tiedown strap to keep the motor in place on those rough days. 

I added a T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator prop nut to keep things quiet. 

Lastly, to keep that grass off the motor shaft, I added a Ninja Grass Blade. This is secured to the side of your motor with epoxy and cuts that grass so it doesn't wrap around the shaft causing unnecessary cleaning.  

Reassembly was easy and I made sure to tighten everything down accordingly. I spent three straight days on Guntersville and I can't tell you how happy I am with the products!