Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't forget to pick up your mess

Your mother probably told you never to eat with your hands, right? Did she ever have to tell you to keep your food on your plate? If you are like I was, she probably did.

So, judging by this cryptic title and these first few comments, what is something that you may have forgotten.

Check that. Reverse it. Most of yall are smarter than I.

What is something that Zach had forgotten for his bug-out-bag? Ammo? Nope. Got that covered. Medical supplies? Tent? How about something mundane and random like zip-ties, as I covered a month back? Nope. Covered. In. Spades.

A mess kit? Yep...wait...no????

Yeah, so I am perusing Amazon now that I have this Prime account. I am looking at my order history, then I look at Suggested Products, or whatever it is that they call it. There, staring back at me, is a portable mess kit. Well, I DO have this handy-dandy multi-utensil. But then I started thinking...how am I going to use that multi tool if I have no where to put the food? For that matter...how will I cook it? Then I started thinking even more in depth, and I realized once again that sometimes I am less smart than I had thought I was. What if I need to boil water? What if.....(insert food related question).

Now, I admit, that I have eaten off some questionable surfaces, up to and not including, cardboard beer boxes. Now, in my defense, I was 21 and we were tailgating. You don't plan much past "who has the Natty?" when it comes to tailgating. At least that was my experience as a college kid tailgating at Auburn University.

As it turns out, despite all of my planning and thinking, my spending and frugality, I had missed a very important bit of equipment. Like I said, it goes passed "something to cut my food on". It's something to cook your food on. Something to boil that water after you initial water supply runs out. I'm sure there are a dozen other applications that I won't go into.

So, what I WILL go into is what I bought. Now, I like this prepping game. I have spent a lot of money on it, but money is still a very real concern. I wanted something nice and economical, yet something affordable.

Turns out, you can spend a LOT of money on a camping mess kit. What's a lot? Well, that depends, I guess. But $80+++ is too much for me. I was looking more in the $15 range. But, I recognize that you get what you pay for. So, I read the reviews. I shopped, and I selected. I bought the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Mess kit. It was right at my upper limit of $25.


  • Bugaboo® cookware's dependable non-stick coating gives you a surface that heats evenly and makes cooking a gourmet experience
  • Easy-packing nesting design thanks to a dual-use frypan/lid, a polypropylene Cascadian¿ cup and bowl and mesh stuff sack
  • Exclusive DiamondBack Gripper¿ attaches securely to exterior brackets while preserving both interior and exterior pot finishes
  • This set is lightweight so makes it easy to pack into your favorite campsite.
  • Enjoy the Bugaboo® mess kit is versatile enough you can take it anywhere
I plan on using it, as well as all the other unused stuff in my kit VERY soon and reporting back!